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About Us

Our team is made up of professional Multilingual recruitment specialists headquartered in Oslo, with a passion for connecting international businesses with candidates with specialized language skills.


Multilingual Jobs Worldwide has over 30 years of experience in recruitment working with companies globally

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Our recruiters are our biggest strength! Each recruiter, a native speaker in one of the languages we work with, work closely with candidates to understand who they are and what they would like to accomplish.

We aim to match candidates with the most exciting jobs abroad, thanks to the candidates´ native language skills. These language skills are a huge asset to international companies, and we know how to put candidates in contact with companies who will appreciate their multilingual skills.

When our clients come to us with new positions, we create visibility for the role, and always attract suitable, motivated candidates.

Multilingual Jobs Worldwide is a fresh company with the ambition to thrive in the recruitment sector and be the best at what we do, through new and innovative solutions to attract our clients and candidates.

We focus on recruiting for large companies looking to fill roles that vary from customer service, sales, IT, management, and we also work in sectors such as finance, law, HR, and many more white-collar industries.

All we need is a job description and the specifications for the perfect candidate and we will work to find the perfect match!




Confirmed hirings


Locations globally

The year Nordic Jobs Worldwide was founded
The year Nordic Jobs Worldwide was founded


The year Nordic Jobs Worldwide was founded

The brand Nordic Jobs Worldwide was launched and the first colleague was hired. Clients in Estonia, Spain, Ireland, Sweden was signed. First business trip to Tallinn.

Hiring our first colleagues
Hiring our first colleagues


Hiring our first colleagues

Signing 40 new clients in 10 different countries and the company is growing into 4 colleagues until the end of the year. Visiting Malta for the first time.

Launching a new brand - Multilingual Jobs Worldwide
Launching a new brand - Multilingual Jobs Worldwide


Launching a new brand - Multilingual Jobs Worldwide

Moving to new offices. More than 60 new clients was signed in another 18 countries. In total over 100 clients in 28 countries.Growing from 4 colleagues in 2017 to 20 colleagues. New brand was launched in September 2018 – Multilingual Jobs Worldwide. 293% revenue growth! Visiting clients in countries like; Spain, Portugal, Malta, Sweden and Greece.

Reaching 1000 recruitments and visiting many of our clients
Reaching 1000 recruitments and visiting many of our clients


Reaching 1000 recruitments and visiting many of our clients

​​Kick-off in Barcelona. The company reaches its first 1,000,000 Euro of Revenue in one year during summer. Totally 85% growth over the year in total.  Recruited for 20 different languages. Planning for new own offices. Over 1000 confirmed recruitments since the start. Visiting clients in countries like; Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Finland, Sweden and Ireland.

Open new offices and hiring more colleagues
Open new offices and hiring more colleagues


Open new offices and hiring more colleagues

Starting the year in new branded offices. Kick-off in Lisbon in January. Growing from 22-32 colleagues and made many new internal roles. We had 35 new clients signed and a revenue growth of 25%. Our Ski Team was competing in the Visma Ski Classic for the first time.


Top class performer

As a company we aim to be the best company in the world recruiting MULTILINGUAL candidates. We want to match the most exciting jobs all over the world with the best candidates.

Global connect

To build the company we had to gain an understanding of the local markets in each country. We have clients in over 26 countries and we have learned what each culture has to offer.

Always adapting

As a company you need to be able to adapt. Adapting means that we always need to find the best and newest solutions for our clients and candidates.

Client partnership

We want to create the best value for our clients. Through creating successful client partnerships, we gain better success. We set goals together with a project plan, timelines, deadline and a follow up meeting.

Common success

We are always aiming for the "win-win-win" situation. The client gets the right profile and employee, the candidate gets a new job and our colleagues get success in their work.

Passionate at work

To follow our visions and values we need to have passion at work. To include all colleagues and give them freedom at work. We also follow up with feedback and rewards.

Our Vision

We work every day towards our goal of becoming the best in the world at providing our clients the ideal Nordic candidates to fill their vacancies. We accomplish this thanks to our dedication to adaptation, passion at the workplace, and common success amongst ourselves, our clients, and our candidates. Being the client’s and candidate’s first choice is always our ambition in every partnership.

We want to continue the organic growth over the next years with offices and companies all over the world. Before the year 2024, our goal is to be 100 colleagues working side by side between brands, offices, teams and countries. Our goal is to be an award-winning company with positive media publicity and continue to have a strong top class performer culture.

We want to continue developing internal talents and give colleagues the chance to grow with motivation, self-leadership, and passion. Our organisation should be built with the DNA from colleagues working towards our values, KPIs, work culture, and visions.

Build strong leaders and build colleagues to be their own CEO. Inner motivation to the role and tasks you are assigned.

We will always adapt to new things and continue to be best in the world at what we do.


We are the first Visma Ski Classics team from Estonia!

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