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We value and strive for excellence and professionalism, and we expect all our representatives to behave ethically, lawfully, and in accordance with our core values. As part of our culture of openness and accountability, we have established different channels for our stakeholders to voice concerns when our conduct falls short.

Internal Concerns
Promoting transparency is a core value within our organization. To uphold this principle, we have an open-door policy, inviting all team members to freely engage in discussions about any work-related matters or concerns, including suspected misconduct, directly with their respective managers. In instances where discussing the matter with the immediate manager is not viable, employees are encouraged to reach out to their assigned HR contact or a senior manager. Our third-party channel is offered to employees as an alternative option.

How to contact us
Email: hrteam@nordicjobsworldwide.com

Letter: Smeltedigelen 2, 0195 Oslo, Norway

Connect anonymously through a third-party channel:

Raise a concern

What to expect when raising a concern:

  • Our third-party platform Your Voice allows full anonymity, automatically directing your report to the appropriate employee responsible for the specific incident or concern category. Moreover, your report may be forwarded to another relevant representative for enhanced and efficient handling.

  • Concerns are addressed through our internal investigation process; no retaliatory actions are taken against any employee filing a complaint in good faith.

  • Our company strictly adheres to the EU Whistleblower directive when investigating and addressing breaches of EU laws in the required areas of the directive.

  • Persons under investigation will be notified and will have the right both to respond to the allegations and to appeal against any adverse findings.

  • Where serious misconduct is proven, the company will take prompt and appropriate action.