​Ana was born in a charming small town called Stolac, Herzegovina, as a child she has also lived in Greece at age 9 when she decided to venture out for her very first time without her parents, through a school program. Her curiosity for travel and life-long learning has started early and encouraged her to continue, any chance she gets.

Ana’s life journey is as diverse as her professional experience. Weathering the storms of civil war and moving to Canada with her family, Ana embraced a global perspective early in life. After 28 years in Canada, her heart led her back to Europe, making Athens not just a residence, but a home filled with warmth and adventure across Europe.

With a decade of expertise in international business, sales, and recruitment, Ana’s professional world is as dynamic as it is rewarding. She’s not just a recruiter; she’s a bridge builder, connecting people with opportunities across the globe. Her certifications in life and career coaching, along with NLP, are not just accolades but reflections of her passion for personal growth and helping others find their path. She enjoys this verbal dance of a co-creative process.

Ana likes to do things that elevate her energy, things like; tennis, dancing, or spending time in nature, she gets JOY in the companionship of her Basenji, dog Auro. Together with her partner, they traverse the world, soaking in diverse cultures, learning from every journey. Ana’s Taurus spirit shines through in her love for aesthetics, be it in architecture or the arts etc.

In the start-up world, Ana truly comes alive. Her entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a knack for wearing multiple hats, makes her adept at navigating the innovative and often unpredictable start-up ecosystem. Her strengths lie in negotiation, empathy-driven leadership, and building strong, meaningful relationships which is essential and the start of every conversation.

Ana tries to celebrate life, through challenges, a blend of resilience, creativity, and a deep-rooted desire to make a difference hopefully.