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Our Internship Program Abroad: Our Intern Sara tells you more!

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Intern in Malaga Spain

Our Internship Program Abroad: Our Intern Sara tells you more!

​Hey readers! 👋

It's Sara and it's hard to believe, but I've officially been an intern at Nordic Jobs Worldwide Group in Malaga for a month now.

This experience has been nothing short of transformative, both professionally and personally. I wanted to share a glimpse of my journey, my learnings, and how this adventure is shaping me into a more confident and dedicated professional so far, follow along! ⬇

🧭 Navigating Life Abroad:

Moving abroad for the first time has been an exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience. Stepping into the unknown turned out to be an amazing journey so far. The vibrant atmosphere of Malaga, and the beautiful culture of Spain - it's all been a part of this exciting adventure.

Did you know? We offer internships in 5 locations (Barcelona, Malaga, Oslo, Tallinn, and Malta) and in many different fields including HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT, and more.

Intern in Malaga Spain 2

🤝 The Merge of Personal and Professional Growth:

The beauty of this journey is that personal and professional growth go hand in hand. As I embrace this new chapter, I'm discovering newfound confidence in myself. I'm realizing that my personal growth directly influences my professional abilities. Knowing that what I do at work holds value for the company is empowering.

​Here are our values:

  • Top Class Performer - We aim to be the best in the world in what we do!

  • Global Connect - We are connecting people worldwide!

  • Always Adapting - Future-driven mindset, with simplicity behind every decision!

  • Client Partnerships - The key to success, we create this together!  

  • Common Success - Win-Win-Win is always our ambition!

  • Passionate At Work - We love what we do!

📚 Continuous Learning: A Blend of Big and Small Lessons:

Every day is a learning opportunity. Whether it's honing my language skills or understanding the dynamics of an international business, each experience is a piece of a bigger puzzle. Even the little things add up to enrich my understanding of the working world.

🌍 The Richness of Diversity: Working with a Global Team

Interacting with diverse cultures and nationalities within our office is a thrilling challenge. It's incredible to witness the dedication and hard work of my colleagues from various backgrounds. Their disciplined approach inspires me to give my best each day, and I believe being around such dedication fuels my commitment.

Did you know? We speak more than 13 languages in our company!

😊 Rediscovering the Joy of Everyday Life:

Back in Denmark, I felt my routine had become stagnant. However, this adventure has rekindled my appreciation for everyday life. Not every day is extraordinary, but there's beauty in the mundane. I cherish the opportunity to live in Spain, appreciating the little things, and embracing the diverse work styles that shape our team.

Intern in Malaga Spain

In a few words...

Just one month into this journey as an expat, and I'm loving every moment of it 🌞. The lessons, the people, the experiences - they're all part of a tapestry that I can't wait to see unfold further. Can´t wait to see what the next couple of months have in store for me. 

Are you looking for an internship yourself 👀, and have you thought about combining it with an international experience?

Then I recommend Multilingual Jobs Worldwide and Nordic Jobs Worldwide whether you want to work with Recruitment, HR, Marketing, Finance or Sales. We are always looking for ambitious and career-driven students who can learn and add value to our company!

💌 Contact Julie Nyeggen our Talent Acquisition Specialist at julie.nyeggen@nordicjobsworldwide.com for more information and to apply.

In your e-mail please present yourself and the internship you are looking for as well as a CV in English. We are looking forward to receiving your application. 🤗