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Last Friday from March and 6 days away from finishing the first quarter of 2022. It looks like the perfect timing to reflect on what we have been doing these past 3 months and how to face the rest of the year, isn’t it?

Let’s start by saying that The Recruitment Industry is certainly one of the most hectic and challenging ones. As a recruitment agency we need to be in constant development, ready to meet the needs of different markets and to quickly adapt to any unforeseen events that may arise.

So if you are one of those innocent people that think that life as a recruiter is easy and that we simply browse through CVs while we scroll down on Instagram… you are lucky that we prepared this post to debunk the myths of the Industry!

1.    Myth One: Recruiters are no longer necessary since all jobs are posted online

As a Recruitment Company we collaborate with many different clients in different countries. Not all of them integrate recruitment among their business activities, so they rely on external companies (like us) to take care of these processes. This means that sometimes we are the only ones aware of certain vacancies and the ones with the power to provide full visibility.

On the other hand, the companies that handle recruitment processes but need support because of the high volume of demand, many times don’t have the capacity to be present everywhere. This means that thanks to us, you can find the job of your dreams without even accessing the company website… You are welcome!* 😉

2.    Recruiters always decide whether you get the job

Working for different clients means that each of them have specific requirements for the profiles they are looking for. Sometimes we think you are the perfect candidate, so amazing and ready to embark a new professional adventure, but the company wants a different thing.

It can also happen that a project that initially had many open vacancies closes, or that we are affected but external factors that limit the flow of candidates (pandemics, armed conflicts) and that modify the hiring decisions.

In any case, and even when we are not the ones to blame, you can count on us to make the most out of it and try to find the best solution: our main goal is for you to find a job!

3.    Recruiters only read CVs

Of course browsing CVs is something we do on a daily basis and believe us when we say we have seen everything. However, and despite the joy this activity brings us, we have many other tasks to accomplish during our day, or how on earth do you think we get those CVs?

We need to source in many different platforms so you can easily reach us, we have to to attend meetings with our clients to understand their needs and deliver accordingly, we are in charge of promoting ourselves as the best recruitment agency that we are… let’s say we would love for a day to have more than 24 hours!

4.    Job search process takes longer through a recruitment agency

We guess it can be a common thought that the more intermediaries there are, the longer the process will be. Well, if you still have doubts you can re-read the previous points and you will have your answer.

As mentioned, sometimes we are the ones in charge of recruiting for a specific post, so it is actually easier to get in touch with us than trying to reach the company itself. We also have meetings and constant contact with our clients, so it’s faster as well to have feedback and follow up the process if we take care of it. Trust us: we can take a ‘no’ for an answer but not a silence!

We hope this little post has helped you to understand what this is all about and that the next time you want to apply for a position you contact us. We will be happy to take care of your recruitment process!