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Natacha Müller

Happy Friday! We bring good news in the form of a new recruiter! Natacha Müller is our most recent addition to the German-speaking team. Curious about her? Let’s go! Natacha is originally from a very cute town called Interlaken in Switzerland. It’s right in the middle of the country, nestled between two lakes and surrounded […]

Insight as a New Recruiter

Hi Everybody! This is Sandra, a new International Recruiter Intern. Today, I am going to share my impressions as a recently added member to the Multi-team. If I asked you, what Wizards and Recruiters have in common, what would you reply? Well, Wizards do amazing things with their magic wand and spells. On the other hand, […]


New colleague – 28/09/2020

Today we are flying south from Estonia, to Portugal to be more exact, and we will meet our Senior International recruitment consultant Roberta Di Cio who joined our Multilingual Jobs Worldwide team, a few weeks ago. Today it is time to let you all in and introduce Roberta to all of you. Without further ado, […]