Happy Wednesday! It is time for our introduction bonanza here on our Multilingual blog. If you haven’t already, you can go read about all our other new-starters from our sister brand blog on the Nordic Jobs Worldwide website. It is always fun to know a bit more about the people we are dealing with, the ones you rely on to help on your way to working and living abroad. Today, we are moving on to Germany, where our next newbie is from. So let’s get on with this; meet Max Goretzko!

Max is our second German speaker at the office, he joins our Multilingual team leader, our Delivery Manager Elisabeth, to support our clients with their German-speaking needs. As mentioned, Max comes from Germany and from a family of 5. He has two younger sisters. As a child, he used to be into cars, like many other kids are. When asked about his strongest personality traits, he says he is highly motivated, ambitious and self-driven. It is not hard to think why he got a job here at Multilingual if you look at that description!

In his past, Max has studied economics and industrial economics and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the first and a Master’s degree from the latter. After his studies, he worked for a real-estate project development company in Berlin. In addition to doing his studies in Germany, Max did a student exchange period in Shanghai. During his studies, he stayed in Shanghai for 6 months, which must have been an amazing, and different, experience for a European guy. (Have to admit, I am a bit jealous 😉 )

But why is Max here in Oslo, in the land of the fjords? How did he end up here? Well, it is a classic story, because he actually has a Norwegian girlfriend. Before Christmas last year, Max became a father for the first time as well (congratulations!) and currently his spare time is filled with family time. He loves spending his evenings and weekends with his girlfriend and their newborn baby. Otherwise, he loves traveling and has traveled to a lot of different locations in the world in his lifetime. His favorite place in the world is Zanzibar in Tanzania.

As always, I tried finding out about Max’s deepest secrets and reveal them all to the world ;), but this time I didn’t succeed. Max says he is an open book and wouldn’t say he has any secrets to share. But hey, we will just have to see. 😛 We think that being a bit weird is only a good thing and that is what makes our group work so well together.

So, here we are, we have now introduced all of our new colleagues both on the Nordic and the Multilingual side of the business and now we will continue with other exciting things. If you want to reach Max to discuss German job opportunities abroad, you can find his contact details here.

Talk to you again soon!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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