We are living very exceptional times in the world currently and life at our office has been transferred from our beloved office in Bryn to each of our own home offices. However, we want to stay positive and fight through together with our great Worldwiders crew. So, today, we would like to present our next new addition to the team, Casper Vriese.

Casper started at Multilingual Jobs Worldwide at the beginning of March and rounds up our Dutch-speakers at the office to three people which is again very exciting. Casper seems to be an energetic, social and warm-hearted person and someone who is easy to get along with, so he has fit in the rest of the group very nicely. In his own words he is social, optimistic and a connector at heart. Matches quite well with the impression one gets from the first moment you meet him. 🙂

Casper was born and raised in Utrecht in the Netherlands and he speaks fluent Dutch and English. Additionally, since moving to Norway, he has been learning the local language and his Norwegian is also getting there. Casper’s family is an interesting mix. He has a younger sister who he calls Bambi and it has been so from when they were both children. However, he also has some step-siblings from his father’s new relationship and he says he is quite close to them as well. As a child, Casper loved playing football in the streets outside and playing a fun game with his neighbors. The game was about catching elephants in the neighborhood.

Needless to say, we never caught anything…

To continue with the theme, Casper mentions that his weird fact is also related to his childhood. He says that his family is a bit weird and there are many strange facts about him, but one fun fact is that he and his sister actually came up with their own secret language together and they even had a name for it, Cais, which was basically a scrambled version of Dutch.

In his professional background, Casper has worked in the service industry, like many others, ranging from working as a chef to being a baker. He has also worked as a recruiter for Greenpeace and a team leader for about 2 years. He also has a Bachelor’s in international development studies from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Upon finishing his studies, he decided to move to Norway and study international relations and NMBU.

Initially, Casper moved to Norway for a half a year exchange at NMBU, just outside of Oslo. He says that going for an exchange period is a great experience and it forces you to reflect on who you are and where you come from. It can also challenge you in many ways you didn’t expect to be challenged in. This is the same thing that happens when you move to another country for work.

After 6 months in Norway, he fell in love with the country and decided to move back after finishing his degree in the Netherlands. He moved here in January 2017, worked for a couple of months at first, got settled in and decided to start a Masters in International relations.

I really love living in Oslo, it’s a capital, but it doesn’t feel like it. The Netherlands is extremely crowded, and there are (too) many people around at all times. Here in Oslo you have loads of space and can do your own thing. I also like how the Norwegian society is organized, and that it’s a country in which gender equality and family are very important

In his spare time, Casper likes to meet up with friends and spend time in his kitchen. He loves cooking and wants to try new things from different countries every week to expand his cooking knowledge and skills. One more thing that is an important hobby for him, is taking care of his plants at home.

Casper says that one of the benefits of having divorced parents has been the fact that he always got two holidays in the summer. In his life, he has been to approximately 20 different countries and he really loves experiencing new cultures, food and places. His most exciting travels have been to Brazil, Costa Rica, and Vietnam, and if he needs to pick, he would say Vietnam was the most special experience.

I went there because I was going to do research for a month, so I got to know the country and the people in the Mekong delta on a very deep level. If I had to choose a favorite place, I guess it’s Vietnam when it comes to places I have been, but probably the pacific islands region if I can choose a place where I haven’t been yet.

Casper has clearly done a lot in his life already and that makes it even more interesting to find out how he ended up in recruitment and working for us. He has worked with recruitment before, so he knew to a certain degree what he was getting himself into. He found us himself when scrolling through the Norwegian job portal, Finn.no and got excited straight away. After going through some interviews, visiting the office and meeting the team, he got a very welcome feeling and felt comfortable already from the beginning. A thing he enjoys most about the job the chance to make a positive change in someone’s life and give them the opportunity to go abroad and explore new countries, and themselves.

To make someone happy and excited to get a job in a place they wanted is on it’s own already very fulfilling.

This joy is a very common motivator in our company and it is nice to hear our newest colleagues seem to feel the same way. But this was it for today, we hope all of you stay healthy and positive through these times and of course, we are hoping to hear from you soon. To find Casper’s contact details, you can check his profile here.

Until next week!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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