Welcome back dear readers, happy to have you visit our blog again. We appreciate each and every one of you. Today, it is time to talk about one of our new team member additions in more detail. This time we are introducing a new member of our German-speaking team. We are excited to tell you our Multilingual teams are growing at a fast rate. Just a few months ago, we only had one Multilingual team at the office, all languages working together in the same team but now we have started building them up separately. So, meet our third German-speaking recruiter, Bianca Pereira!

In spite of the fact that Bianca speaks fluent German, both the German style and Swiss, she was actually born in Spain and speaks fluent Spanish too. According to Bianca, she is from “everywhere” exactly because of this fact but for a longer period, she lived in Switzerland. Her family is small, it consists of her and her brother and their mother. As a child, Bianca was a loud one, a crazy, playful child that was always smiling. Even now one can see that she is full of energy when she comes to the office. In her own words, she is energetic and in addition communicative and open as a personality. Her openness seems to be the reason why she cannot name any weird quirks or “secrets” to share here. In her opinion, people can ask her anything and most people already know her and her specialties.

Bianca has studied law and finance for a year and done her apprenticeship in service in her background but then she decided to quit her studies and move to Norway when her partner got relocated here. She is very new to Oslo, she actually moved here only two weeks ago. However, her first impression about Norway is very positive and she says she loves Norway, the people, and the language. With her background speaking several languages fluently, she will probably learn Norwegian quite fast. 😉 Bianca’s work background is diverse, and a great foundation to work in recruitment. She has previously worked within the service industry, customer service, HR and administration. As an interesting addition, she has worked on the radio too. The story doesn’t tell what she did there, but maybe we’ll find out later on, and maybe then we could start up our very own podcast. What do you guys think, wouldn’t that be a great idea?

Bianca’s dog Rasputin is one of her spare-time hobbies and together they go out for walks. As her other favorite spare-time activities she loves seeing new places and spending time with her loved ones. Seeing new places is quite familiar to Bianca since she has been living in different places her whole life, so basically she has mostly been “living abroad”. Her favorite place in the world is Cape town. It is a city that has multiple great qualities, it is like a hometown with the ocean nearby, beautiful mountains, winelands, amazing people, great food and, and, and… The list goes on. During her years abroad, Bianca has learned the best ways to approach new people, make new friends, integrate and learn new languages.

It was always an adventure!

Moving on to recruitment. It is of course always interesting to find out why and how some of our colleagues ended up in the recruitment business. When asked about that, Bianca says that she steered towards recruitment now because she feels that her skills acquired during her life have made her a suitable person for a job like this. She knows how to approach people, she, in general, loves getting to know new people and helping people out.

Because I am as multicultural as it gets and it is a perfect match 😉

Well, there you go. Another introduction has reached its end and we all have a better understanding about our lovely Bianca. It will be exciting to see the growth and the development of both the German team and Bianca. If you are interested in working with Bianca, you can find her contact information here. Next week we will have another colleague to present to you, so remember to check back and read about Casper!

Until next week!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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