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Today we are launching a new branch called IT Jobs Worldwide to add to our organizations’ success story. IT jobs worldwide is a professional recruitment agency, whose mission is to connect partners and candidates. The story behind IT jobs Worldwide begins in the tech-savvy city of Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn as a city played has played a big role in the success of our sister branch Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Thanks to an overwhelming amount of positions to fill and good partnerships, Nordic Jobs worldwide has had a steady growth even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the demand for IT professionals continues to grow we have decided to launch a new branch focusing solemnly on the IT industry. Today, we have partners looking for their next software developers, system specialists, scrum masters, and many more. It is with true passion and dedication we turn a new leaf as an organization.

It is with pride we continue our natural growth path in a new market. However, our main objective remains the same. We strive to connect the right candidate with the right client to ensure a long-lasting relationship. It is thanks to our proven expertise in recruitment, that we tackle all curveballs and can ensure delivery. It is in our greatest interest to be present and to ensure that recruitment processes go as smoothly as possible whether you are a client or a candidate. We take pride in our communication skills and will be there when you need us the most. We expect similar treatment from you, whether you are a partner or a candidate. As a candidate, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our recruiters as soon as you start to look for a new job. It ensures that we can match make you with an employer with similar goals and objectives.

In today’s society, the labour markets are flexible. We understand that sometimes it can be intimidating to start a new job abroad or hire someone from abroad. We want to help with relocating as we have many years of experience with relocating candidates.

In summary, we are over the moon to keep building long-lasting partnerships with clients and candidates in the IT and Tech Industry.

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