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Building a Professional Network: Why It Matters and How to Do It?

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Building a Professional Network: Why It Matters and How to Do It?

In today's competitive corporate world, having a strong professional network is crucial for success and career growth. A solid network allows you to collaborate, learn, and advance in your career. In this article, we'll explore why having a professional network is important and give practical tips on how to build one.

Why does a Professional Network matter? 🤔

There are main 3 reasons that could convince you to start investing time in creating a professional network:

  • A strong network can lead to employment recommendations, career counseling, and access to hidden job prospects.

  • Connecting with people in your field allows you to exchange thoughts, learn from others' experiences, and stay current on industry trends.

  • Interacting with varied professionals can broaden your views, introduce you to new viewpoints, and help you acquire valuable abilities, a win-win situation!

You are not a big fan of networking? We got your back! Check this article by Harward Business Review and Learn to Love Networking:

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How to Create a Professional Network? 💼

1) Identify Your Networking Objectives:

  • ​✅ Choose your goals: Explain your motivations for establishing a professional network, such as seeking out mentors, or pursuing other career routes.

  • 🎯​Identify target markets and professions: Find people who support your goals and can provide thought-provoking conversation.

2) Start with online networking:

Use sites like LinkedIn tobuild a strong profile, join groups for your sector, participate in discussions, and make connections with experts in your field. To build your authority, follow thought leaders, take part in topical chats, and contribute insightful content on social media. We encourage you to post about topics related to your field a couple of times a week, share your insight, your experience, and give your opinion. 💬

​3) Participate in industry-related gatherings and conferences:

  • Research-related activities: In order to network with like-minded people, find significant conferences, workshops, and seminars in your industry.

  • Participate proactively: Take part in panel discussions, pose thought-provoking questions, and network during breaks to create lasting relationships.

4) Become a member of organizations and associations for professionals:

Find significant associations for access to conferences, networking opportunities, and privileged resources, research industry-specific organizations, and join. Volunteer and make a contribution to establish credibility and create connections with other members, and provide your talents and knowledge to the organization.

​5) Develop Personal Relationships, maintain and develop them :

Keep in touch with former employees, classmates, and acquaintances to foster professional connections by speaking with them frequently. Attend local meetups and networking events as well, as face-to-face interactions are crucial for building relationships on both a personal and professional level. After networking events, send customized follow-up messages to thank people and suggest ways to keep in touch! This adds value and shows your network that you are willing to contribute and share content, insights, or job openings with them. 🤗

If you are looking to build better connections with people, we recommend this TED Talk video by Amber L. Wright:

Watch now

In conclusion, Investing time and effort into expanding your professional network will pay off in a variety of ways for both your professional and personal development. You can build a strong network that encourages knowledge sharing, opens doors to new opportunities, and improves your professional path by using the techniques described in this article. Develop your network now to benefit from it throughout your career! 👔✨

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