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Why getting a job abroad is beneficial for you!

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Why getting a job abroad is beneficial for you!

​As recruiters we constantly help candidates with finding their dream job abroad. But why is going abroad so great? We all have different background and grew up in different countries, so why did we decide to start or continue our careers abroad?

A worthwhile challenge

Moving abroad alone can often feel scary or challenging. New people, new language and a completely new culture are some of many things you will be dealing with as you move to a new place. That is why, understanding that these things are all part of the process, is so important. It leads to learning more about yourself as well as everything around you. My personal experience has thought me this much, the only thing to be afraid of is staying inside your comfort zone. All the growth you will experience will feel overwhelming at times but once you have taken the step you realize all the good things that come with it as well.

What are the results?

So, what are those good things? To name but a few, expanding your network, making your CV more attractive and learning a new language are some of many appealing results of this seemingly frightening next step. When looking to progress in your career most employers will appreciate your international experience. It is a testament to your willingness to grow and taking a risk for your own good.


To show you some of the results of moving abroad we have gathered some comments from fellow recruiters at the office who, several times, decided to go abroad and have amazing experiences to show for it!

  • Ward (Benelux - International Recruiter): Business is so internationally oriented nowadays and will continue to become more global. So, for me it was a logical choice to start working on international basis.

  • Ann-Kathrine (Office Manager Málaga Office): Understanding the different cultures and how they interact with each other allows me to learn something new every day.

  • Fee (Benelux - Talent Hunter): Professionally you can learn so much from working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, it is both inspiring and intriguing.

  • Merete (Danish - International Recruiter): The ability to hear and speak varying languages always intrigued me and continues to spark my interest.

  • Robin (Benelux - Talent Hunter): I grew up internationally so for me there was never a doubt in my mind about the value of a multicultural environment, ever since I started working internationally, I have felt like I have grown every day.

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