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It’s competition time!

To start off the week, our ambitious specialized recruiters ended up organizing a Headhunting Competition to get more candidates to apply for jobs abroad and to make sure we boost our numbers!

A competition that lasted 3 days and our recruiters divided in pairs, they each had time in where the goal was that they had to call as many candidates as they could and to find candidates for our clients. The goal for our full-time recruiters was that they should have as many candidates as they can by Wednesday at noon. Who will reach their goals and will go above and beyond to get these candidates?!

The teams were divided in:

-          Katoo and Wilde

-          June and Terhi

-          Henri and Jenny-Lissa

-          Atte and Anie

-          Helene and Maria

Our Oslo office was filled with the sound of our recruiters calling and getting results! What an exciting sound to hear in our office! Getting presentations left and right really boosted our numbers for the upcoming weeks.

And of course, what is a competition without a little prize for our winners?

Yes! The prize for the winners was a delicious Kami Sushi lunch!!

The race to headhunt as many candidates as possible was very intense and our recruiters were full of power and excitement to reach these target goals. With every second, someone added a point to their teams which ignited the fire in the competitiveness of the other teams.

In the end, there could only be 1 team that won.

The winners of this week’s competition were….



Congratulations to Katoo, our Benelux recruiter and our newest addition to Team Norway, Wilde!!

Great work and enjoy your lunch 😊