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Bingo Friday

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Bingo Friday

Bingo Friday!

To celebrate the end of an amazing and hardworking week at the office, our wonderful Managing partner Henriettesurprised the office with BINGO FRIDAY!! to have a fun activity to end the week in a good way and to have a laugh with the colleagues.

Friday is always a hardworking but fun day to work at the office because of the activities we arrange this day whenever possible. We could have waffle day, bingo Friday, cake day and so much more!!

Arranging these events , helps with team building, creates a fun environment at work and is just different in general to have a change in the normal schedule. It motivates all colleagues and creates fun ideas for everyone to join!

This week’s event was BINGO FRIDAY! A fun activity to hang out with colleagues at the office, reflect on the week and just have a good time with the colleagues.

Because we are an ambitiously competitive company, we offered a prize for the winner of the Bingo round. The winner of this week's Bingo Friday is our German International Specialist Recruiter Diana Sabanovic!!

Some words from the Bingo Champion:

“After a hard working week, Henriette chose to throw in a sweetener on Friday by surprising us with a Bingo game. The purpose was to just make it easier before wrapping up the week as well as just to have good bonding laughter with colleagues – which we did. I, however, did not anticipate that I would be the winner, and it was a comical moment while just a few minutes prior to indicating the winning number, I have laughingly said my missing number, 67, which was shortly called. “– Diana Sabanovic

Bingo Friday is just one of many activities the company surprises its employees with, and it shows the motivation and excitement within the work environment. A good way to end the week!

Happy Bingo Friday everyone!!

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