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Meet the team - Meet Karina, our German-speaking recruiter in Oslo

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Meet the team - Meet Karina, our German-speaking recruiter in Oslo

Hello readers!

Today you get to know the star recruiters at Multilingual Jobs Worldwide. Next in line is Karina our German-speaking recruiter in Oslo. Continue reading to learn more about her.

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Tell me about yourself briefly

Hi, my name is Karina. Born and raised in Germany, I’m now living my Scandinavian dream in Oslo. Before that, I have lived a year in Prague and another year in Glasgow. Not sure if I will ever settle here in Oslo.For now, I’m very happy though, and learned to like the snow for the first time in my life. 

Besides traveling and enjoying this winterwonderland, I love dancing, singing, and performing. My stage persona is very confident and loud but if you get to know me, you see I’m an introvert at heart. I enjoy time alone and quiet moments with a hot cup of tea. Last year, I have taken an8-week mindfulness course and since then I try to implement a mindful moment daily. Most of the days that can be as simple as sitting on the train without looking at my phone. 

Three fun facts about you

  • I have probably done every personality test in the world. I even have a secret Google Doc where I save all the results in one file. 

  • I’m an INFJ in Myers-Briggs – which is the rarest personality type – making up only 1% of the world population.However, it’s not as rare as it seems. My bestie is an INFJ too. 

  • I’m a Gemini Sun, Virgo rising and Libra Moon. Astrology enthusiasts know what I mean. Did you know Myers-Briggs is based on Astrology? The MBTI is based on the theory by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung – who was an Astrologer.

Tell us a little about your hobbies

You might have guessed by now that I have a thing for Astrology. Well…it’s more than a thing. It’s a big passion which transformed into a side business. By now I have read dozens of charts and interpreted the stars for many of my friends and clients.

Astrology has become the most important tool for me. I use it for critical thinking and self-reflection. Sounds paradox, right? But it’s true. Used wisely, it can be such a powerful instrument to get to know yourself better and find your ideal career path.

True story – an Astrologer predicted I would be great in recruitment. That was three years ago. I did not believe her until I landed a job here. 

You work with recruitment, could you tell us more about your career? 

I have not always been a recruiter. I had to take many detours in my professional journey – but let’s start from the beginning. I hold a degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in International Management. After I graduated from University, I tried to establish myself in the corporate world. I worked in banking, retail, and procurement and ended up as an international buyer for the biggest retailer in the world. 

Due to personal reasons, I quit my job for an adventure in Norway. On a local Facebook group, I saw a job ad for a German-speaking role in Oslo. I applied, got the job, and started as a recruiter with Multilingual Jobs Worldwide. Since then I have become very successful in my role and helped so many people find their dream job abroad. 

What has been your favourite travel destination so far and where would you go next? WHY?

My favourite travel destination has been Iceland. Iloved the nature, the black-sand beaches, and geysers. It’s a place where natural forces collide. Fire meets ice – isn’t it magical? 

But Canada has been on my list forever. I have family in Calgary and would love to visit them one day and explore the country. 

What are your plans for the future?

Be the best at what I do and help more people find their dream job – both as a recruiter and in my private astrology practice. 

The truth is, we spend 1/3 of our lifetime at work - that are 90,000 hours! And believe it or not–but 85% of the global workforce is unhappy in their current job! That makes 850 million people who hate their jobs…that’s absolutely unacceptable. 

So, I made it my mission to change that. I’m here to be of service to you and help you find your ideal career. If you’re looking for a professional change, feel free to send your CV to karina@multilingualjobsworldwide.com