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​Maybe you always dreamed of living abroad. The moment you close your eyes you see yourself standing at a tropical beach or in the middle of a buzzing city. That inner pull is strong and you know you need to leave your home country. But where should you go? The options are endless.

If you’re like me, you probably moved a lot without really settling down. I have relocated from Germany to Scotland, stayed a year in Prague and finally ended up in Norway. Is this my final destination? Who knows? If it’s for a good reason, I am happy to move again.

In my case, I decided to move for three different reasons: University, a new job and love. And I believe these are probably the most common reasons why people relocate. But there is more. Some may decide after a holiday - this is the place where I need to stay! Others simply love the food and culture and can see themselves in that environment.

But there is another way to find your ideal place to live – and it’s related to Astrology. All you need is your exact date, time, and place of birth. Just like a birth chart, you can also pull an Astro Map. While a birth chart focuses on the planetary influences based on the location you were born, an Astro map will consider the the whole globe. Using AstroCartography you can learn more about yourself and how you relate to special cities and places in the world. Your Astro map will show you where in the world your planetary influences are strongest. Based on that information, you might discover a new place you might want to visit – and even relocate to. So before we move ahead, pull your Astro map here.

The planetary lines

In Astrology it is known that the axes of a chart hold significant meaning. The same is true, if you live in a place with planetary influence on one of the four angles. Read below which chart lines show the best place to live in.

Sun line: Places on your Sun line can be considered very positive. The energy of “I am” is very strong and you might become your own boss or find who you really are. This is a place where you can make things happen and feel very determined and strong. Your creativity might even be heightened.

Moon line: The Moon line is a place of emotional connection. This is a place where you feel like home and family becomes a bigger focus for you. You might feel more in touch with your intuition and your feminine, nurturing side.

Mercury line: This is a place that will light up your mind. This might be the ideal place to work on your career, especially if you need to communicate a lot. So, if you work in Media, Sales or Customer Service - this place is for you. And the best part – you will make meaningful connections and friendships on your Mercury line.

Venus line: Venus is all about love and beauty. This might be a place where your social life will become more of a focus. You will meet important people and maybe even your soulmate here. If you’re working in a creative field, in the beauty or financial industry – your career will prosper.

Jupiter line: Jupiter is known as the great benefic in Astrology. This is a place to find good fortune and personal growth. Whatever you do at this location will expand under Jupiter’s influence. Blessings and overall success are promised.

Astro Mapping is a wonderful technique that can help you discover your next holiday destination or your best place to live in. If you wish to look deeper, feel free to reach out to me. My email address is karina@multilingualjobsworldwide.com. I am happy to interpret your birth chart for you and help you find your dream job abroad with Multilingual Jobs Worldwide.

Your Astro Recruiter,