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​Finding your ideal job is hard. Most of us have no idea what to do after we graduate from school. It may take many years of trial and error until you finally settle down with a job you like. It’s been the same for me. I worked in Banking, Procurement, Sales…until I found myself in the Recruitment World. Many years ago, an Astrologer has told me I would be a good fit for Human Resources. Today, I understand why.

Astrology is more than what you know from your magazine horoscope. It’s a complex system that can be beautifully used as a tool for self-reflection and critical thinking. You may have heard of Myers Briggs and other personality assessments. These archetypes are all based on astrology. Pretty cool, right?

So, knowing yourself better can help you find your ideal career. Why not using astrology to have a deeper look. In order to pull your Astro chart, all you need is your exact date, time, and place of birth. You can pull your chart for free here. Now that you have your chart, you can start to decode the pieces by using a Google Search or reaching out to a professional Astrologer – like me.

Know your big 3

The first step is to identify your big 3. You might already know your star sign based on the month you were born. This is your Sun sign. The sun speaks about your identity and your ego. It’s the brightest star in our solar system and thus the most important one. But it’s not all. You also have a Moon and Ascendant sign. The Moon speaks about your emotions and what you need to feel safe and secure. The Ascendant or AC represents how you show yourself to the world or how others perceive you. So in my experience, most people identify more with their AC than with their Sun sign.

Knowing your big 3 tells you a lot about your personality already without going too deep into detail. You learn about your natural skills and strengths and may discover hidden talents. The funny thing about astrology is, that it doesn’t tell you anything you don’t know. It just reconfirms what you already know. Sometimes we just need a little help. All your friends might see your superpower but you’re the only person that thinks it’s totally normal. It’s not. Instead of trying to improve your weaknesses, start utilizing your strengths. The moment you know what you’re good at and actually start using it, takes you one step closer to your ideal career.

The Midheaven

The Midheaven or MC is a part of your astrological chart that shows your career reputation. This piece of your chart can give you an important indicator of what you will be known for if you follow your vocation. Just identify the sign at the point that is marked as MC and try to implement those things into your life. If your MC is in Gemini you might be an exceptional communicator and networker. Your job is to speak and connect with people. An ideal career for someone with their MC in Gemini could be a position where they have to connect with other people daily – like customer service or sales. If you’re MC is in Leo, you are the born star. That would mean you would do best standing on the stage and presenting in front of many people. Leo MCs would do best in the entertainment sector. And if your MC is in Taurus, creating stability is what would make you happy. Taurus would do well in a role where they can manage resources such as money or other commodities. So, someone with a Taurus MC would do best as a financial analyst.

If you want to take it a step further, you could also identify the ruling planet of your MC. For example, Gemini is ruled by Mercury - the planet of the mind. The location and the sign of your Mercury could help you identify the way you should speak and express yourself when connecting with others. The ruling planet for Leo is the Sun – your identity. For Taurus it’s Venus and so on.

Blend it all together

Astrology is really about putting the pieces together and seeing the big picture. You are more than just your Sun sign – there is a complex ecosystem inside of you. Your birth chart helps you have a 360° view and see things from all perspectives. You have so many talents – things you are aware of and things that you’ve not seen until now. The moment you start recognizing what you’re really good at is when you can make the best choices for yourself and your future career.

These are just two ways how Astrology can help you find your right career path. Of course, there is so much more to it. If you wish to look deeper, feel free to reach out to me. Simply send me an email to karina@multilingualjobsworldwide.com. I am happy to interpret your birth chart for you and help you find your dream job here with Multilingual Jobs Worldwide.

Your Astro Recruiter,