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How can working abroad – relocating for a job (leaving the comfort zone) have positive effects on my self-improvement?

One of the many interesting aspects of our job as an international recruiter is the psychological side of it. What we mean by that: what effects do moving away from your friends and family (stepping out of the comfort zone) have on the brain and how can it help us to self-improve as a human being and as a professional.

 We admit it, leaving everything behind to go work somewhere where you know nobody and you’ll be all on your own can seem scary. But think about the long-term results. What happens if you go, even in doubt? What if you power through your fears? What if you make this decision that might potentially change the rest of your life?

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the benefits of stepping out of my comfort zone.

We fear loss far more than we value gain.

In a book written by ‘Danny Kahneman’ named ‘Thinking fast and slow,’ there is a theory that suggests that we as human beings inflate or exaggerate reality by 5-to-7 times when we fear avoiding loss.

Let’s take ‘Gina’ for example. Gina has got a nice & cosy job. Everything is fine for her but it isn’t what she wants to do. This job allows Gina to learn, experience and do. And yet, there is also a lot about the job that limits, frustrates & constrains her.

In many ways, it’s clear this job isn’t the right fit for her. But she doesn’t want to lose all of the interesting perks that come with the job. Her fear of loss keeps her in a place of certainty.

Without uncertainty, you can’t be free

If you keep living in a world where everything is predictable & certain, you’re stuck in a bubble, a cocoon or how we call it, you’re stuck in your comfort zone.

Your brain wants to predict the outcomes of your behaviour, your body wants to experience emotions that feel safe. The result of this is that you avoid things you fear. And if you ever get in contact with these things, it feels very weird and unpleasant.

The benefits of stepping outside of the ‘zone’.

By doing this, stepping outside of my comfort zone. Our brain, our body comes in contact with all the uncertainties in life we didn’t experience by staying safe in our bubble. This means a lot of new connections will be made during the time you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. You will be afraid, curious, creative, free, wrong, right and much more. By doing this you’re making yourself stronger as an individual for whenever you might come in contact with setbacks.

 What we are trying to explain through this blog is not that everybody should step outside of the comfort zone, or that everyone should just blatantly take a job abroad. No, everybody is different of course. Some people don’t need all this, but some do.We’re saying that if you have a craving for something new, you want to explore, you want to immerse yourself in new cultures, but fear has been holding you back until now. Take that first step and see what happens after. Maybe it’ll be a lesson, a hard one even or maybe you’ll find whatever you’ve been looking for, for so long. If you are wondering what it’s like to leave your environment and go to an unknown place, reach out to us! There are many recruiters in the company who have relocated to new places to work in Oslo, Tallinn, Malaga or remotely.