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​Looking for a new job can be exciting- and also overwhelming! There is literally a world of opportunities at your fingertips, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, we have a lot of experience guiding candidates through the job-searching process, and we are more than happy to share some of our most important tips & tricks with you. Here is our best advice on how to structure your job search:

Visualize your future! Where do you want to live? What is more important to you- money or experiences? What industry is calling your name? Before you can reach your goals, you need to have a clear image of those goals. Sit down with a paper and pencil and map out what you would ideally like the next five years of your life to look like. Think about key factors like location (do you want to stay close to family and friends or go out and explore the world?), salary (do you want to save up money, or make enough to cover yummy food and travel trips?), career plan (how can your next job be a steppingstone?). When you can close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into and out of work with a smile on your face, you´re ready to start job hunting.

Use your resources! Websites like LinkedIn and Europe Language Jobs are amazing tools, but they´re not the only ones available to you. Do some investigating and see if there are job portals for your specific native language. You can´t apply and get hired if you don´t even know the job is available. Make a list of all of the resources you can use and check them daily. Companies are always posting fresh, new opportunities.

Use social media! Believe it or not, social media can be a great place to make professional connections. Our top pick is Facebook! Join as many ¨Jobs in (Your Dream Location)¨ groups as possible and keep an eye out for your next opportunity.

Get focused! Once you know what you want, and where to find it, it´s time to get to work. Set aside a few hours every day to search through job openings and send your CV to the positions that excite you. As they say, ¨applying for jobs is a full-time job¨. Get comfortable, settle in, and let the job-search begin.

Last but not least, know your worth, and don´t forget it! Job searching can be tough, even without a pandemic. Rejections will come as part of the process, but remember that you are qualified, and if you stay motivated, you will land the perfect job in no time!

Oh, and there´s one more step to add to your list: get in touch with us 😊 We are more than happy to help you find the best positions to apply for, and it´s our job to help take away some of the stress of job-hunting. We are ready to help you figure out what the best version of your future looks like and find you the job that makes that vision a reality!