How to not miss a professional opportunity

Ever wondered why some people land awesome jobs and others don’t?


Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

The key is to stay on top of things. Find out what exactly is required below.

Which information should be live? 

  • Your current location (country + town)
  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your last and current job
  • Your status (are you searching for a job?)

Where should the info be updated? 

  • Your Cv (you can use the website: to find modern and free templates!)
  • Your social media profiles (Linkedin, Facebook, etc.)
  • Your profile on portaks (Indeed, Europe Language jobs, etc.)

Pro tip: You could plan a reminder in your calendar every 2/3 months to check that theses information are updated.

How to monitor the job market?

  • Put an alarm on LinkedIn and portals regarding your dream job. You will receive a mail when the company publishes the job!
  • Follow groups and pages (“Jobs in London”, “Customer support roles in Lisbon”)
  • Plan a meeting with your favourite recruiter every 6 months to talk about the opportunities they have

Get started with these tips and thank us later!

Have a great week!

The Multi Team

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