Why you should get a new job before the end of 2020

Hello Multies!

Are you looking for a new job, considering embracing a new challenge, or just curious about what the job market looks like at this moment?

Then stay with me! 😊

I know many of you may think that November and December are not usually the best months to look for a new job, but guess what? Not quite right!

Within the multilingual job market, new amazing opportunities are constantly arising, and many interesting companies are on the hunt for the perfect candidate right now.

But then, what could be the best strategy for you to secure one of these positions before the end of the year? Of course, you should get in touch with us!

Here at Multilingual Jobs Worldwide, our main focus is to match multilingual and talented candidates to the best suitable roles.


How do we do that?


1- We do have dedicated Account Managers for each of our roles, who are responsible for building relationships with our clients and being the intermediary between their needs and our team of Recruiters. In this way, we manage to be constantly updated on their requests and requirements.


2- We have a plentiful and diversified portfolio of clients and roles spread over many different locations (lots of sunny ones: Malta, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus…)! I am sure we will be able to make you happy. 


3- We speak your language! Our main strength is our team of Recruiters, all native in a specific language, able to interact with you at a more personal level, understanding better your needs and expectations.

Another tip I would like to give you in order to make your profile more interesting and get ahead of the competition is to customize your CV, and clearly state that you are currently looking for a job and you are available to start within the end of 2020.

Adding this into your summary will give a boost to your chances of being invited to an interview!


My final advice? Let’s connect! Everything starts with a conversation 📞


You can book a suitable time slot for you through this link: 



I look forward to it!

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