Why working in customer support benefits you

Customer care jobs are all over the market

Become a pro

You will be the subject matter expert with whatever you do customer support for. Be that insurance, cars, social media platforms or something else. The skills and knowledge you acquire will open doors for you in different roles and companies in the future.

Effectively solve problems

In customer care, your role is to assist customers with their needs. This will mean thinking outside the box and approaching situations differently every time. You will need to be diplomatic, represent the company, but also meet the customer in the middle to resolve their query. People skills, creative thinking and expertise will be required at all times.

Build transferrable skills        

This is a buzzword that you have undoubtedly come across during your job search, and with good reason. This term refers to skills that are useful in any new job you take on. Working in customer support will allow you to develop communication skills, multitasking and organisation. You will be asked to handle multiple tasks at the same time and be able to prioritise them according to what is and is not urgent. These skills, to name just a few, will serve you in most jobs further down the line. Employers love efficacy, speed, accuracy and attentiveness, so working in customer support is a great starting point to develop these further.


Customer support roles are offered all across Europe in some of the most desirable locations. Multilingual Jobs Worldwide amongst others offers Lisbon, Athens, Maastricht, Cork but also islands such as Cyprus and Malta for adventurous candidates. Combine your professional career with your desire to see the world by working in customer care.

If you are keen to get started in customer care, drop us an email at Elisabeth@multilingualjobsworldwide.com 

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