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The Ultimate Guide to find a Job in Portugal

Portugal is a very popular destination for travelers and expats. There are several reasons for that:

  • Weather and culture! Who would not want to be in a country where you have warm weather for most of the year, with good food and the possibility to choose between a relaxing or a lively lifestyle?
  • International environment: International companies are growing very fast in Portugal which allows expats to find a job easier in the country. The fields of IT, Marketing, Customer Support, and other online jobs are constantly increasing. Jobs in real estate and tourism have also been a safe option for foreigners for a long time. And want to know what is cool as well? Most of these international companies offer attractive relocation packages! 



Today, I am going to share with you some tips to get a job in Portugal:

Firstly, you have to be willing to relocate to Portugal 😊

  1. Create a good English CV
  2. When relocating to another country, one of our first thoughts is regarding the language: “I do not speak Portuguese”. However, the interesting thing about Portugal, is that you will have more chances to get a job if you speak other ones. This means that being native in a different language such as German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian…is an advantage. So, for the moment, bring your native languages and English fluency (as it is required in most of the jobs).
  3. Once you have your CV done, it is time to look for a job. There is an infinity of job Portals where you can find different offers for different languages and different roles mostly in Lisbon or Porto. I recommend you contact a recruitment agency (LIKE US!). Why? The reason is that usually, companies welcoming expats have so many applicants that make it hard for them to process all applications.
    •  If your application is represented by us, we will make sure your application will be reviewed and we will give you feedback and support during the whole process. We will also assist you to prepare the interviews 😊. Check here all our open roles in Portugal: https://www.multilingualjobsworldwide.com/open-positions/ 
  4. You must do a research about the cost of living and salary expectations in Portugal. Portugal is a very affordable country where you can have a cheap life, and therefore, salaries are lower than in other European countries. Make sure to understand the average salary for each sector. Taxes are 11% for social security and between 7-13% depending on your social status. 
  5. Be open-minded! Moving to a new country is not always easy and in the worst case, you will have to do 1 step back in your career to build it in a new country and if you have good experience and the right soft skills, you will have the chance to have fast professional growth.
  6. BPOs have a lot of opportunities for expatshttps://www.multilingualjobsworldwide.com/working-for-a-bpo-company-everything-you-need-to-know/BPOs provide a lot of career development and are specialized in hiring people from abroad. For this reason, they also provide attractive relocation packages including flight tickets and accommodation most of the time! They are also interesting because they have lots of kind of different positions in different sectors like Customer Service, IT, Sales and Digital Marketing, Advertising, Content creation/ review …from Junior to Senior Roles.
  7. Once you get some interviews…make sure to show your motivation for relocating to Portugal! This is very important as companies usually want a minimum commitment (between 6 months and 1 year). 


Now that everything is said…I am done for today. Hope you find this information useful and that your job search in Portugal is successful. Do not forget to check our website as we have many partners in Portugal looking forward to meeting multilingual candidates like you!

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