RELOCATION PACKAGES – How to move easily to a new country?


What do we mean by “Relocation package”?


Our Dutch recruiter Dorien, tries to explain us in an easy way, what companies mean when they mention the previous term in an interview or in a job description. 

Around one year ago I decided to pack my bags and move to Barcelona. I was lucky to have found a job very quickly, and so I had to move a bit abruptly with little time to prepare myself. I paid my flight ticket, booked a room in a shared apartment through an online agency and went on my way. The company that hired me gave me one day off to sort out my documentation, but apart from that I had no help with finding accommodation or any reimbursement for my travel expenses.

I’m not complaining here; in the end it worked out for me! But now, working as a Recruiter at MJW I realise how much easier my move would have been if I had had a relocation package. It would have saved me money for sure, and would have made the whole process of moving abroad a whole lot easier and less stressful.


So what is a relocation package exactly?

When companies decide to hire employees from abroad, they often offer relocation packages as an additional benefit. Moving abroad can be costly and scary. As recruiters we often get asked the question: but what about housing? How do I find a permanent accommodation? And what about documentation? Relocation packages can definitely take a lot of this uncertainty away.

Relocation packages are being determined by our clients themselves, so what the package consists of depends on the clients and the location. What is always included in a relocation package is a reimbursement for your flight ticket and hotel accommodation for a certain duration (usually a couple of weeks). Companies will also help you to acquire the necessary documentation, which will save you a lot of work in figuring out the different requirements and help you avoid long processes. Companies can also help you by giving you tips and tricks on how to find a permanent accommodation and sometimes they can connect you to agencies or flat owners.

As mentioned, the relocation package depends per client. Our client in Athens books your flight and hotel themselves, meaning it’s completely taken care so you don’t have to make any advance payments. All you have to do is get on the plane! One of our clients in Portugal also offers the option to stay in an accommodation provided by them.
In some cases, companies also provide private health insurance after a few months.


To sum up, relocation packages will give you a certain security when moving abroad. It will make your move a lot easier, faster and cheaper!

So why not take the leap? Check out our open positions to learn more about our clients and what they can offer you! (


Dorien de Vrieze - International Recruiter, Dutch Specialist


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