Questions to ask yourself before job hunting

Due to the current ongoing crisis, a lot of people are out of a job or forced to switch gears.

We have created a list of questions you can ask yourself to help you find the right role for yourself:


What do I want from my career?

This should be the number one question to ask yourself. Do not start frantically applying to positions you are not actually keen on. What do you want out of your career, and how do you plan to work toward it? This is also a common interview question that you will be asked, so be clear on this point.

What skills do I have to offer?

Are you great on the phone? Are you efficient? Are you fluent in several languages? Make a list of assets you can bring to the company and see in which company these are sought after. This could be a good employer for you.

What skills do I want to improve?

Be honest with yourself when assessing your skills. You want to be better at communicating efficiently? Then maybe customer support is for you. You want to dip your toes into the iGaming industry? Consider working in Malta for example. Again, list-making is your friend here.

What company environment suits me the best?

If you perform best in a fast-paced environment, apply to large businesses that thrive on productivity and efficiency. If you prefer working in an international environment, check out multinational firms in capital cities such as Lisbon. Be sure to know the environment you are after because this can make or break the pleasure you get from work.

What is my desired salary?

Be informed on the salary level that goes hand in hand with your experience and expertise. Research which salary you can expect in every country and what the cost of living is. Be realistic and know that you can expect a raise as you progress in your workplace.

What are my desired working hours?

Some people thrive during the night time, others don’t. Bear this in mind when searching for a job, and do not forget that night shifts pay better.

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