New colleague – 28/09/2020

Today we are flying south from Estonia, to Portugal to be more exact, and we will meet our Senior International recruitment consultant Roberta Di Cio who joined our Multilingual Jobs Worldwide team, a few weeks ago. Today it is time to let you all in and introduce Roberta to all of you. Without further ado, let’s talk about Roberta!

Roberta Di Cio is a native Italian speaker coming from Rome, born and raised. She grew up in the Cinecittà area, where a lot of old movies have been made, in a family of four; her parents, her and a little brother, who is not so little anymore being 22 years old. Roberta speaks not only fluent Italian but also Portuguese and English and hopes to some day master Spanish at the same level too. I have to say I am so impressed with all of these colleagues with amazing and broad language skills, wow!

Roberta tells me she has always been into books, drawing and Lego. As a child she used to spend hours at the park due to her love for being surrounded by nature. She says she is an extremely curious person that could be described by using the word “thinker”. She describes herself as being very dynamic and always up to trying something new and getting out of her comfort zone. She is sociable, enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories but at the same time, she really values her alone time. Roberta loves filling her spare time with long walks around Lisbon, especially by the river. She likes discovering new restaurants and bars since she is quite in love with food. Whenever there is good weather she loves going to the beach and enjoying the Atlantic breeze. For her special interest/hobby, she mentions collecting all kinds of diaries and notebooks in all shapes and sizes. Apparently she is totally obsessed with that! 🙂

In addition to her many hobbies and interests, Roberta has been travelling to many places. She says she tries travelling as often as it is possible. Her favorite location in the world is in the U.S. but she also loved Copenhagen a lot. She says:

The most impressive place visited has been Joshua tree in California. The desert is a mystical place, especially at night

Roberta’s background includes graduating from the Roma Tre University with a degree from Italian linguistics and Literature and a varying work history. Currently, Roberta is trying to get a title to be a certified Italian teacher for foreigners. Her work history includes many years working in sales but when she moved to Lisbon, she ended up in HR and recruitment. However, at first when starting her new life in Portugal, she worked for Teleperformance and at that point she continued with her sales career. A bit later, she moved on to working with Siemens where she started her career in HR.

Roberta has lived in Lisbon now for 5 years. She says it has been the most exciting and rewarding experience in her life so far. Everything in her life changed: living alone for the first time, working in an international environment, improving her English, learning Portuguese and the list goes on! Even though Roberta works for Multilingual Jobs Worldwide, she is based in Lisbon and she works remotely. She usually works from home but lately she has been trying to go to a coworking space in the area.

…and so far I am enjoying it! It is good to change environment from time to time

Why does Roberta want to work in recruitment then? She says she loves being in touch with different people every day, and the idea of making a real impact in their life, helping them, warms her heart. She got to know Multilingual Jobs Worldwide during her experience as a recruiter for Teleperformance Portugal. During that time she had the chance to appreciate the way MJW was working, and at some point she just decided to apply and.. well, here she is!

We are happy to welcome Roberta to our team, it is nice to have another nationality in our, already varying, group of colleagues. So, to end this story time for today, welcome to the team Roberta!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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