How to Prepare a Virtual Interview

Hey Multies!

Before the pandemic, virtual interviews were becoming popular because of the wide employment possibilities there are out from our country of origin. Now, with COVID-19, this has become the most common kind of interview during the hiring process. 

For this reason, just before the Christmas Holiday, your International Recruiter Sandra is going to give you a small gift: some tips on how to prepare a virtual interview!

  1. Choose a good location. The background should be clean and clear and with good lighting. Take care of the illumination, we do not want to see your face dark nor see a strong light focus. We want to be able to see you clearly.
  2. Test your technology: 
    • Internet connection must work smoothly: Anybody can have technical problems, but if we can avoid them, better. People naturally get nervous when it comes to job interviews as it is a very important step before getting hired. It is also the first impression the company is going to have about the candidate. So, if you start having technical problems, you will feel even more nervous trying to solve them and the whole first impression will not be as positive as it could be.
    • Always check the microphone and camera to know if they are functioning.
  3. Choose a silent place: no loud noises, no people speaking in the background…anything that can interfere with the sound, is not desirable.
  4. Dress-up properly. Sometimes we think that no one is going to see our pants, so we only change our shirts. But…what if anything falls? What if we have to suddenly get up for something? To avoid uncomfortable situations is better to always be ready. Also, the fact that is virtual does not mean that it is less important. Dressing-up makes us taking things more seriously and reminds us that we cannot wear pajama bottom wear to an interview. You do not have to wear your most elegant dress or suit, but something that allows us to understand you are professional.
  5. The main way to communicate confidence virtually is to sit up straight, smile, and keep the camera at eye level. Therefore, set up your camera in a good position to create eye-contact and keep your posture as if you were in an in-person interview. 
  6. There is a big advantage of Virtual Interviews that In-person ones do not have: You can have notes! If you are too nervous, make some brief notes and put them close to the computer. You do not have to literally read what you wrote, but if you are too nervous, just have a look once in a while not to forget what you want to say.
  7. During an interview, show your motivation and smile! Your soft skills and personality are very important, not only for the role but also because you have to work with other people, colleagues.
  8. Read the job description of the position you have applied for again. Review it and make sure you understand it, and if not, you will be ready to ask the interviewer then.
  9. Prepare questions: Any doubt, anything that is not clear, the process…
  10. If you are taking an interview with us: What we want is to understand your background and motivation to see if you are a good fit for some of our open positions and if you are not for a specific role, perhaps you will be for a different one.

Hope you find this information useful and will help you to gain confidence during future virtual interviews with us! 😀 

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