How has Covid-19 affected Multilingual Jobs Worldwide?

How has Covid-19 impacted Multilingual Jobs Worldwide?

This is a frequently asked questions by candidates and clients alike. And the short answer is – positively!

We cannot dispute that the current crisis has forced us to rethink, but with Always Adapting being at the core of our business, we shifted mindset quickly.

  • We source a lot more locally. This means that you as a candidate will be offered positions within the country you are currently in.
  • We receive a lot more applications. Many candidates have lost their job or decided to take the opportunity to switch careers. If you are one of them, please get in touch so we can chat about new roles!
  • We work with partners who have a great Covid-19 policy, offering you to onboard or work remotely from the comfort of your home
  • We are digitalising our processes. We conduct our interviews increasingly via online software. The future is now!

If you are interested in exploring new career opportunities during these times, please feel free to contact us! We are happy to help!

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