Greece is opening up! Seize the opportunity!

An update on our favourite (work) destination, Greece.

Summer is just around the corner and had it not been for the current situation, many of you would probably have had a holiday or work trip booked to visit sunny Greece.

Luckily, Greece has started the process of opening again and removing the measures introduced to address the spread of Covid-19. Here are the facts:

  • It is now possible to move freely within the country and retail stores, restaurants, bars and cafes have largely reopened, as well as archaeological sites and organised beaches.


Here is what this means for you:

Work opportunities are popping up!

Many world-famous brands are hiring again, offering you to enjoy the Greek sun, lifestyle, and career. The best part is – a lot of them are offering you to work from home anywhere in Greece! Santorini? Yes! Mykonos? Yes! Athens? Yes!

  • The company will issue a legal document allowing you to leave your country, certifying that you are moving abroad to work
  • You will fly in 1 week before work starts, all costs covered by your employer
  • You are allocated to a hotel where you may stay for 3 weeks (after which the company will offer support to find a flat)
  • A taxi service will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel
  • Training will be completed from the comfort of your hotel room
  • You have the option to continue working from your home, or work in the centrally located modern offices in Athens

Are you interested in finding out more about working in Greece? Then get in touch with your Multilingual Jobs Worldwide recruiter to get the full scoop.

Email to book a free phone call.

Warm wishes,

Your Multi Team

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