Kristina is one of our German Market Specialists and currently lives in Hannover, Germany with her partner. After pursuing her interest in medicine and an education in nursing, she realised that she was far more suited to work in the recruitment world and joined Multilingual Jobs Worldwide as a result. She wants to help people all over the world find their dream-jobs abroad and in their own offices at home.

In her free time, she enjoys gaming and watching tv shows with her boyfriend while snuggling her dog and two cats on the couch. Her favourite games to play are World Of Warcraft, Among Us and The Last Of Us. Other than that, she loves traveling and lived in the south of France for almost 3 years before returning to Germany. Her next plans involve moving to Cologne and eventually she wants to settle down with her partner in his home country of Ireland!

Kristina is a very friendly, open person motivated to help people. She will gladly aid you with any and all problems you have, so don’t be shy to reach out!

Favourite location: Cologne, Germany and Cannes, France!