Jean-Nicolas comes from Belgium, a little village in the province of Liege near the border of the Netherland & Germany. He is fluent in Dutch, English & French. He describes himself as someone with an open personality even though at the beginning he can be a bit shy. Jean-Nicolas studied Office management with a trajectory in HR in a town called Leuven (Belgium).Heworked for 4 months in the French Alps in a village called ‘Val Thorens’ as a travel guide. Last year he worked for his dad’s company in Belgium as an all-around employee and now for us in Malaga.

Heended in our office based in Malaga by applying for an open position through Facebook. He came to Malaga on the 1st of April (not a joke) & started working on the 13th. He thinks that the city is amazing. Great energy & mindset. A lot of open-minded people. It can be difficult sometimes but it just important to remember that everybody usually needs to adapt in the beginning.After that, you get accustomed to it rather quickly. He ended up becoming a recruiter because healways liked the human aspect of the job. It never gets boring.

In his spare time, Jean-Nicolas likes to play sports, DJ a little bit and going out with friends.

A secret about Jean-Nicolas? He is a  big drama (theatre) fan & art in general. I also am quite interested in philosophy, science (physics) & psychology which people usually don’t connect with me.