Jani-Olav was born and raised in Estonia; his background is mainly made up of a fairly long career in the tourism industry. That includes working both in hotels and in international destination management, specifically with Iceland and Norway. Along the way, he has had both managerial and team leadership roles in addition to a lot of fun. He went on a bit of a “walkabout” in Australia for two years, where he fell in love with the nature of the continent and especially the outback. However, after having spent over a year in the sweltering outback, he realized he missed the cold and the mountains of the Nordic countries, especially those of Iceland.

While his hobbies include lifting heavy objects and being a massive fan of history, his heart belongs to basketball – whether it’s playing it or watching it.
His favorite location, at least in the Nordics, is Seyðisfjörður (Seydisfjordur) in Iceland.