Do you have a degree in hospitality and looking for an alternative career?

Important skills someone needs to have to work in hospitality are:

Good relationship builder through great communication, time and people-management, organization, analytical thinking, negotiation, problem-solving, positivity, and working under pressure capabilities.

In this blog, I will show you what careers you can pursue with all those skills in your hands:

1. Customer Service

As mentioned previously, some of the skills one acquires with a hospitality degree are, good problem-solving capability, negotiation skills, promoting positive behavior to employees acting as a model.

These aptitudes combined with the analytical thinking and ability to be really efficient in terms of quantity and quality, make you the perfect candidate to be a Team Leader. There are a lot of career progression opportunities in Customer Service and you can read more about them here:

2. Sales

To get your degree in hospitality, it is necessary to prove your critical thinking and do action plans to develop, improve, and grow the market. This makes you have a good potential to become a sales agent. Building good relationships with customers is the basis to become good in sales, as well as having good verbal and written communication skills, which you should have developed during your studies.

Finally, reaching targets will be led by your self-driven, enthusiastic, and people-oriented personality. Characteristics that you must have in Hospitality.

3. Recruitment and HR

Once again, strong communication skills are required in this sector. You will have to be the voice that connects candidates and companies. 

Great professionalism, the capability to establish relationships, thoughtful mindset, multitasking, and knowing what to prioritize is key to have success in this role, and you acquired them during your degree.

In the hospitality and tourism industries, the productive and effective exchange of information, tasks, interactions with clients are what brings you to succeed at the same time, it is a great skill to also succeed in recruitment.

Good communication skills, positive mindset, problem-solving and analytical skills are adequate capabilities to become a good Human Resources assistant.

4. Coordinator

This position is present in lots of industries. The important key skill is time management. Of course, we cannot forget about the so much mentioned interpersonal and communications skills. To be a successful coordinator, you will also be ready to work under pressure to reach deadlines and always think positively to find the best solutions. You may be familiar with all this, thanks to your Hospitality degree, which helped you develop your organization and productivity, both individually and with a team. 

5. Tour Manager

Applying your great coordinator skills mentioned before, you can become a tour manager making sure that all travel arrangements of your group are in place. This is a great career for those passionate about traveling who also speak other foreign languages. Organization and multitasking are again important key skills for this role.

6. Entrepreneur Businessman

Have you ever considered combining your managerial skills with your businessman or sales personality? For example, imagine that you love baking, then…why not sell your own baked goods? All you need is to know how to plan, build, and create an action plan.


Surprised to know all these alternatives? We hope you found this information useful. Do not be a friend to change your job, career, or industry; you can always learn technical skills or knowledge. Profit about your personality, interpersonal skills, and those capabilities which you acquired through your Hospitality degree!



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