Insight as a New Recruiter

Hi Everybody!

This is Sandra, a new International Recruiter Intern. Today, I am going to share my impressions as a recently added member to the Multi-team.

If I asked you, what Wizards and Recruiters have in common, what would you reply? Well, Wizards do amazing things with their magic wand and spells. On the other hand, recruiters do magic as well, and what’s more, they do it without a wand!


When some people are looking for a job, lots of times, it seems a bad witch is haunting their life and luck! And this is when recruiters use their powers to push away the bad spells from bad Witches. 

Since I started my career as a Magician Recruiter, I noticed several things:

  1. Recruiters have incredible organizational and time management skills.
  2. Recruiters constantly make use of spells to find talent. They also need the big Witch nose! They use it to “smell” and detect those who may be the perfect candidates.
  3. Recruiters are always using potions and combinations of different ingredients: Constantly creating plans & strategies to succeed.

  1. Having a big nose was not enough! Recruiters also have big ears like elves! The ears are used to listen to the candidates’ needs, preferences, motivation…and of course, the needs of the companies! How are they supposed to do the perfect matchmaking otherwise?
  2. Recruiters are like chameleons: They are exposed to an environment that changes so fast. They need to adapt constantly.
  3. Recruiters are like Halloween Pumpkin’s Artisans. If you think about it, you see a delicious and tasty pumpkin that looks quite average, normal, not so different from the others, but we take the time to understand is good and to make it look amazing for the customers who want to have a decorated pumpkin at home for Halloween. When we receive a CV, sometimes it is not very informative, however, when we call the person, we realize that actually, he/she is a very good candidate, so we present the application to one of our clients with a bit of magic and VOILÀ! Pumpkin in da house!
  4. Recruiters need to be strong like a Werewolves! Even if there is a bad period, sooner or later there will be a full moon, but they are not passive, they actively look for the best spot to contemplate the full moon. What does this mean? It means that there are ups and downs, and it is important to be positive and problem solver oriented. Always looking for solutions!
  5. Recruiters need to be able to combine teamwork and autonomous work perfectly. Recruitment is quite an individual and even personalized job; however, it is needed good and continuous communication within the team and colleagues to succeed.
  6. FINALLY BUT NOT LESS IMPORTANT, recruiters use their Wisdom to prepare the candidate for interviews, tests, or any step taking part in the recruitment process…and FINALLY using all these magic…we are helping someone to FIND A JOB, lots of times abroad. Candidates moving abroad usually use the plane to fly, however, considering the time being, perhaps is more convenient to use a MAGIC BROOM!

So far, yes…recruiters do magic. The magic takes a bit of time and effort… On occasions we also must find against ghosts or bad witches…but we use our Potions, Spells, and strengths to always win the fight!

To sum up, I would have never imagined that starting a career in Multilingual Jobs Worldwide was like attending Howards! But indeed, I have been several months learning some magic…and potion after potion, and spell after spell, I am becoming a good sorcerer!




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