Working for a BPO company: everything you need to know

Hello Multies!

How are you doing? This is Roberta, your Italian Recruiter 😊

Surely, during your job hunt, you came across several multilingual roles within BPO companies.

But many of you may ask: What does BPO mean? 🧐

BPO stands for “business processing outsourcing,” which is when a company contracts an outside provider for services, like Customer Service and Sales, or back-office processes.

There are usually two main reasons why companies decide to outsource customer service, technical support, etc. to a BPO: either is more affordable, or the BPO is just able to provide a better service in a certain field.


What is like working for a BPO?

Back in 2016, I have received myself a job offer from a BPO company based in Portugal, and guess what? I decided to accept it, and I moved from Rome to Lisbon! ✈

I have worked for one year as a Sales Agent, representing one of the biggest Social Media platforms – and helping Italian customers to optimize their advertising campaigns and reach better results within it.

I have then moved up to the HR Department, where I was responsible for hiring multilingual talents for a variety of different projects and industries.

It was extremely interesting to witness the way of life in an international corporate setting for the first time.

I can only speak well about this experience, and these are the top reasons why you ought to consider getting a job in a BPO as well:


  • Multicultural workspace

You have the chance to work on a daily basis with people and clients from all over the world, and speaking different languages.

BPOs usually offer a diverse environment where you can learn a lot, both from a professional and human perspective.

  • Job security & Financial stability

The BPO industry is thriving and it has been for a very long time, as their services are needed by a lot of industries, so contact centers are here to stay.

Also, BPOs offer fixed and competitive salaries, often above the market average for certain countries.

  • Career growth opportunities

BPOs provide many chances for you to build yourself up, career-wise and personally.

Especially for the ones bringing amazing results, promotions and career advancements are relatively fast.

  • Ease of communication

Both your written and verbal communication will improve dramatically, as handling different kinds of customers, requires solid communication skills.

In order to deliver the best customer experience, you will also learn how to develop creative thinking and the ability to improvise.

  • Access to best practices

The learning structure in BPOs is usually extremely efficient, and you will have access to plenty of seminars, workshops, and trainings, as well as more personalized learning experiences like 1-1 coaching sessions.



Enjoy your weekend and see you next week! 👋

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