Why you should stay in contact with your recruiter

The beginning of your job hunt is usually straightforward: You upload your CV to a data base, you apply to positions you think you might enjoy, The Multilingual Jobs Worldwide Recruiter calls you to discuss your profile and suitability for the role and forwards your application to the employer.

From then onwards, why should you stay in touch with your recruiter?

Here is why:

  1. The recruiter needs to schedule the interview with the employer, so you need to be in touch to communicate your availability


  1. Employers often get many applicants. The benefit of using a recruiter is that they have a direct line of contact with the employer and can push for you to be interviewed first


  1. Once the interview is done, the recruiter needs your feedback, so they can communicate this to the Client, who might wonder whether you liked the company and position


  1. If you have concerns about the job, let the recruiter know. The recruiter can negotiate for you, or find a better suited job for you


  1. If the interview did not go well, your recruiter might have other job opportunities to discuss with you. You did not like the company? You want another type of role? You did not get the position? Email your recruiter, they might have something more suitable in store for you!


Using a recruiter is completely free of charge to you, so do not be shy to stay in touch, to send E-Mails or pick up the phone. We are always happy to help! 


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