Have you ever considered looking for a job abroad?

If you have already finished your studies, you are unemployed or can not find your dream job, there are many reasons why starting a job abroad will be an advantage for you.

Today you will read what these reasons are and why working abroad can be a great opportunity both personally and professionally.

For many people, the idea of looking for a job abroad can cause fear, insecurity and other things that make it a hard decision to take. The fact of leaving home, being away from your family, friends, normal routine, can be very difficult. However, starting a job abroad can give you many other advantages.

If you like travelling, discovering new places, cultures, people, traditions, etc. this can be a great opportunity to meet another country. In addition, you will always have the opportunity to travel to other nearby destinations once you are located in the place.

Living and working in a country that has a different language from yours, will make you improving that language or start studying a new one.
Imagine that you are going to work in England, Scotland or Australia. And then imagine your return. Your level of English will be much better than when you left. Obviously, if you look for a job in an English-speaking country, for example, you will need to have a minimum of knowledge of it.
But you can just move to a place and have as a goal learning a completely new language from scratch, and be a bit brave!
Although consider also taking a course before leaving home…

Another of the benefits that you will gain working abroad will be the ability to adapt. Each country has its own customs, values, schedules, traditions that will make you be more openminded for understanding others, and it will also allow you to see and understand different points of views.

The professional experience that you will achieve living abroad is, without any doubt, one of the key factors to consider starting the adventure. Since a CV with international experience is more appealing compared to others that do not. If you are lucky and can find a job in your field or sector, your professional career will have gained many positive points. On the other hand, the experience abroad will also help you in a personal level.

Depending on where you come from, one of the reasons to find a job abroad, could also be because the salary is higher, or because the wether is warmer, or because the quality of life is much better than your home country.
In any case, a fact that I assure you is going to happen, is that working in a new country will help you to create a great network of contacts.
You will meet many new people who can help you in your both personally and professionally future. You will establish relationships that can last a lifetime. In addition, now with the internet communication is not a problem.

So… If you were thinking about taking or not the final step, just GO FOR IT and start looking for a job anywhere!

Alícia López  - Business Admin & International Recruiter