Why do I listen to Reggaeton?

From my perspective, to be a successful International Recruiter you only need two things: Be interested in people and able to get the candidates attention.
There are a lot of fishes in the sea and also many recruiters fishing in there.


“Why do I listen to Reggaeton?” – By Lukas Drews

How did I become interested in recruitment?

I personally think that if you are a reflective person and have life experiences, you will be automatically eager to answer the following question “what is more out there”?

And this applies to other aspects: It might be your personal development, the foreign countryside, different music styles, delicious food, an adventure, cultural differences and maybe the future regarding artificial intelligence.


And how do you get to know more about this world?

Here you have the answer: PEOPLE. Everything is a people’s game: family, networking, work mates, colleagues, sport team, etc.

Talk to people, meet people, interact with people. Connect with them.

With showing real interest in the candidate and offering what he is looking for: what are his interests, wishes, dreams, needs, etc. You will be able to propose him a next step in his personal and professional growth.
And the best thing is, if you support candidates until the end and finally you place one of them, the client will be happy, the candidate will be satisfied, and you will also be in a good mood. It’s a win-win-win situation.

One thing that I learned from my years as a professional recruiter and net worker is that sustainability pays off. The best candidates in your portfolio are happy people whom you helped and their friends, that you were recommended to.


But what about the getting their attention?

Be authentic but at the same time unique. I mean if you are authentic, you will be unique, and there will be nobody like you, not even if you have a twin sibling.
There are many ways to get the candidate’s attention. I personally like to use different channels to search for suitable candidates, but specially in the networks that I built up by myself.You can also use social media or be present in the online job boards and meetups.
The most important thing is that you identify yourself with them by understanding them first. This is one of the significant aspects in the international recruitment.
A self-advantage would be that I moved abroad and since early years gained some international and multilingual experience that now, I can also offer to them.


And about the Reggaeton? There is no more relation to it than just getting you curious with the title.


To sum up: Enjoy every moment, be real, be humble, make yourself and people happy! 


Lukas Drews - International Recruiter, German Specialist
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