Passion has been known as one of the most important feeling influencing our actions, decisions, attitude and daily life. It is also one of the most important factors impacting on our achievements.


Being passionate about your work, for instance, brings improvements for your health too.
According to the Total Brain Health Academy, an organization studying healthy cognitive life plans for any age, having an intellectual passion is a major factor in keeping your brain healthy, reducing memory loss and releases endorphins. Besides, having a passion and being able to develop it, whether it’s learning a language, playing Sudoku, singing, dancing or climbing mountains, is the best way to get a mental workout, bringing also an increase in brain volume. Those are only a few of the reasons why having a passion gives people a purpose in life. Having a purpose, consequently, leads to fulfillment and happiness, other factors strictly related to our mental health.


Passion is also linked to creativity because it influences our imagination, which underpins every uniquely human achievement. Being creative involves putting imagination to work, think about how to develop something from nothing, to come up with new solutions to every-day problems, and it gives a future picture on how to prevent new issues arising. Creativity in this sense is applied imagination. Usually, creative processes begin with an inkling which requires further development, starting from understanding what you are passionate about, and consequently, how to develop it.

Therefore, in order to enhance your creativity and reaching your full potential, start asking yourself: “What am I passionate about?” Answering this important question will create a positive long-term attitude towards what happens in your life, giving deep meaning to your action and happiness in return.

Eleonora Reppucci - International Recruiter
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