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Good Morning Multies’,

We have exciting news to share with you today! As you know we (with Nordic Jobs World opened new premises in Malaga but also Tallinn (Estonia), but we didn’t quite tell everything yet! Indeed, our CEO Rickard got a new idea, building a ski team in Estonia and we will tell you everything about it in this blog post.

“So I started to figure out how to start up a ski team in Estonia and maybe help the skiers over there to build up the skiing community again and also in a branding purpose to get our name out there regarding the recruitment agency. And I did a little research online and found Mart Kevin’s name on the results list and he was the only Estonian athlete.”

Rickard is most excited about launching the team, making his dream come true. He is looking forward to the first race and witnesses the team competing. He hopes this project will build a lot of passion, pride, and engagement in the company as well as support the Estonian skiing community.

First ski team member and part-time recruiter

The first hire, the team leader, is a young Estonian skier, Mart Kevin Pölluste. Mart Pölluste has been skiing since he was a child. He started off as a sprinter but a couple of years ago moved on to marathon skiing. For the last two years, he has been a part of a Norwegian Visma Ski Classics pro team.

Quite fast after coming across Mart’s name on the list, Rickard decided to contact him with a proposal. Rickard hunted Mart down on LinkedIn. Long story short, they came into an agreement and decided to start building up a Pro Ski Team for Nordic Jobs Worldwide at the Visma Ski Classics. The plot twist here is that Mart will not only be the team leader and an athlete in the Pro team, but he will also work for the company part-time as an international recruiter.

The most exciting part to him is just the general thought of being a part of the team this winter. He wants to build a fun community around the team, and he imagines it will not feel like work at all! Additionally, the fact that he will have a job at Nordic Jobs Worldwide makes him look forward to the future. Having a job on the side and skiing semi-professionally brings a lot of security into an athlete’s life.

This weekend the World cup in Estonia is taking place, where Mart will be able to get perspective on his current shape and what he needs to improve on. He will compete against Norwegian skiers which will be a great indicator of where he is at.

Up next…

At Visma Ski Classics, it is required that each team has at least 2 women and 2 men. The team does not need to consist of only one nationality. Rickard says in the future the Nordic Jobs Worldwide team could be a team of different nationalities since the company works in various countries and recruits for more than 10 nationalities, but for now, they want to start with Estonian skiers.

The plan for the fall time is to first start with seeing where the team is at and then create a strong strategy and training plan that can lead to success. The team aims to be at its best from January to March which is the most important time during the season. As Rickard said, “The results must be built over time”. He is confident that this will be a success because both he and Mart share the same values and goals, to be on top of their game both in skiing and in recruitment in Estonia and Europe.

It might be hard for some counterparts to understand the value of this, at least, within the first year. However, both Mart and Rickard feel that if the team will manage to build up great success and do things with a positive attitude, others will see the value of this. According to Mart, it is a special situation when a company from a foreign country is investing time and money to developing this sport in Estonia, and he thinks it might be the biggest chance that Estonian skiing has to become better again.

And that is all for now…

We are excited about our next adventure and hope that you will follow us along!


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