Our candidate talks – Athens, Greece

We are happy to announce a new blog section: OUR CANDIDATE TALKS!

This section will be focused on sharing candidate’s past experiences with us. Moreover, candidates will explain how they felt in the recruitment process, how was the overall process with us and other important information regarding their current job location.

Our French recruiter Kelly, found and interviewed Dimitra and finally placed her in one of our biggest clients.

Dimitra is currently working for one of our international clients in Athens, Greece.
She has explained us how her first week of work has been. How was the recruitment process with Kelly and  also, some tips and relevant information for the ones that want to find a job abroad with us!



So… Let’s start with the interview, Dimitra!


Kelly: Recruiter
Dimitra: Candidate

[Kelly] Could you please introduce yourself first?

[Dimitra] Yes. My name is Dimitra, I am 29 years old, of Greek nationality and I work for one of the biggest international outsourcing companies in Greece. 


[Kelly] Could you please explain us how was your recruitment experience with us (step by step)?

[Dimitra] For the recruitment I was first contacted by Kelly Joseph of behalf of the Multilingual Jobs, who explained me clearly the procedure. When I came back to Greece, I had an appointment with the French recruiter of the company, Charlotte, who interviewed me in French. Later the same day  I met Panagiotis, Assisant Manager of my project, who interviewed me in English. At the end of the day, I passed an online test for the company (English/French, security questions and typing). And after that, I was recruited the next day and I joined the training.


[Kelly] How was your training? Are you happy with your project?

[Dimitra] I work as a BI Content Moderator for the French market. Our training was 2 weeks long (9am-5pm) and I am very satisfied. As the project is quite new, we had some issues as far as the functionality of some components, but they will be soon ameliorated. We had assessments every day, in order to be evaluated and at the end of the training we will pass the final exams. I am happy to be part of this project. 


[Kelly] Have you found an apartment? How’s the cost of living in Athens?

[Dimitra] As I have my parental home here, I did not need to find an appartement. The cost of life in Athens is quite low, so I think that the salary is very good (I find the salary satisfying given that I do not have to pay a rent and bills for the house).  


[Kelly] Do you have any tips to share for the next candidates?

[Dimitra] Do not hesitate to apply for these kind of jobs.  The hours of working are normal, the premises are brand-new, the relocation program offer you a lot of advantages (hotel accommodation, airplane tickets,…), the payment is on time, and you will enjoy a multi language working environment! And party time as well!

[Kelly] Thank you Dimitra, for answering all your questions and sharing your experience with us! 😊





This time was with Dimitra in Athens. Whose turn will be next?

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