Leverage your languages!

With disappearing boundaries between countries and continents, language skills have become a huge asset when it comes to getting the job you want. Speaking English is often a must, but being in any other language will give you the benefit over another candidate.


So how do you use this skill in the best way?

  1. Your CV

Brag about your languages on your CV. Put your languages at the top so that recruiters and employers immediately see this. Often, your previous work experience will not matter if you have the required languages. Therefore, it is smart to put your languages at the top so that you catch the attention. If you choose to write a little cover letter on your CV, be sure to mention your language in the first sentence.

  1. Language Portals

When registering on language portals, do not skip the language section. This will ensure that you show up in recruiters’ and employers’ searches, and thus maximise your employment chances

  1. Be honest

List all the languages you speak and be honest about the level you have. You want to avoid being in an interview situation where you are asked to speak a language, and you are unable to communicate in the language.

  1. Cultural Insights

Speaking a language is great, but knowing the culture is a bigger advantage! Always highlight whether you have lived in a country because understanding how people operate can be a valuable asset to employers. Especially if you are on the phone with people from that country. It creates instant trust and helps communication.

In short, don’t be shy! A candidate who is confident, honest and open about his/her language skills is very attractive to recruiters and employers, so be sure to highlight what you are worth!


Elisabeth Verkest - International Recruiter
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