Interested in moving abroad? This is what our recruiters said!

We asked some of our recruiters what their experiences were moving abroad, and this is what they said:

“I have moved country both to study and to work and I only have good experiences living abroad. Moving to another country has taught me so much – not only about different cultures, people and places but also about myself. I’ve got to experience some incredible places and met the most amazing people on the way and it’s experiences I would never choose not having. The things you regret the most are the things you didn’t do.”

“Having moved 6 times, my experience has taught me that approaching everything with a positive, can-do attitude is key. Even if you have set-backs, smiling makes a world of a difference.”

“Moving abroad is always very interesting as you have to adapt to new ways of living, the small things! I love the process of learning a new language and new habits – finding out that they have that favorite yogurt of yours in the country. The best part is when you feel like home but you still have something new to adapt to every day!”

“Moving abroad was the best decision I ever made. It opens you up to new cultures, people, career opportunities and new experiences. To be honest, I hadn’t done a lot of research before I went, I simply went without allowing time to second-guess myself. You only live once!”

“I moved to Ireland when I was 19 years old. To be honest, I hadn’t done a lot of research before I went, I simply went without allowing time to second-guess myself. You only live once! One of the benefits of working abroad is meeting all kinds of people from different corners of the world. I got to learn about a lot of different cultures, not just the Irish, since I had colleagues from all over Europe. Another benefit is getting experience and career opportunities. After 4 years, 2 promotions and meeting a Norwegian man, I moved to his home town, Oslo in Norway for new adventures. You never know where life takes you if you aren’t afraid of changes and daring to try something new!”

“My experience of moving abroad gave me confidence and trust in myself, and the possibility to build up a strong CV for your future  career that you would never get in the Nordics. You develop as a person and get an adventure of a lifetime! I can highly recommend it for everybody – don’t think, just go!”

“When moving abroad you really step out of your comfort zone and leave behind all that is familiar, there are new things that you come across every day for a long time and it can be tiring, but on the other hand it is very exciting too and for myself, it has been such a huge source of new energy and happiness!”

“It is funny that when moving to another country, you realize how little you know about the culture even though you thought you know the country pretty well. Some very small things can be totally different from your own country and it takes time to properly integrate into the new society but also you find things that you like much more in this new location compared to your old one.”

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