How to use LinkedIn to find a job ?

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Today we would like to talk a bit more about LinkedIn and how you can use it to find your next dream job!

As you maybe know, the way recruiters are working evolved a lot in the last 50 years. For example, we are not using the cover letter that much anymore but we are now using social networks for example.

We could therefore wonder about the usefulness of the classic CV, not original enough, too static, too “old school”? Do recruiters really need your CV to recruit you?  Can you be only recruited thanks to your LinkedIn profile?

Professional social networks such as LinkedIn, are key to create this professional digital identity. The use of professional social networks is giving ways to a much more interactive CV where recruiters and candidates can exchange quickly and efficiently.

On the recruiters’ side, LinkedIn is an amazing tool to find suitable candidates for a position. It is used in the majority of 2.0. recruitment agencies with 675 million members. Candidates are accessible and visible, just like recruiters. A win-win duo. Only if the profile is correctly completed and updated!

So here are the keys to use your LinkedIn profile efficiently:

  1. Create a profile and fill as many information as you can (school, diplomas, experiences, age, contact details, a professional picture, etc.)
  2. Put your website if you have one, your CV as well, and any other interesting documents that a recruiter should see.
  3. Follow the company you worked for and the company you are applying too
  4. Create a community, add your current colleagues, ex-colleagues, the person you studied with
  5. Ask your community if they can recommend your profile
  6. Keep your information updated

LinkedIn is a privileged tool for highlighting everything that will make you a good candidate! Even if in some cases, a classic CV is enough to apply, keep in mind that your digital profile is a real showcase that can be consulted everywhere, by everyone and at any time, so go for it!

Why is the CV still mandatory then?

  • Gives an idea of your personality
  • Introduces your experiences
  • Express your motivation
  • Gives a first good or bad impression
  • Works well for people that are not used to technologies

But before applying, it is necessary to ask yourself the right questions…

  • Is my CV suitable for the job I want to apply for?
  • What are the company’s values?
  •  How can I differentiate myself from other candidates?
  •  Where should I put the emphasis? What are my strengths?
  •  Are important information visible? (contact details, availabilities, recent experience, etc.)
  •  Would I choose myself when I see my own CV?
  •  Where and how do I send my CV?

There are now several ways to apply and recruiters can contact you anywhere: WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

It is therefore important and even necessary not to limit yourself to a simple CV. You must create a “digital image”.

Have a nice weekend and see you next Friday for a new blog post 😀

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