Pssst… We have some tips for you!

Hello Multies, 

Today we thought that giving you some motivation tips could be helpful. Indeed, we will enter autumn pretty soon but heads up! If it’s not sunny outside we want you to shine through your hard work 😉 

Here are 5 tips that could be nice to read and implement: 

  • Write a to-do list: 

Why should you write your tasks? This is an interesting strategy as we are not robots and we can forget tasks first of all. You are focusing on something and then your colleague interrupts you and starts to talk about her cats for example or a surprise meeting can just disturb you and then you forgot about the SUPER important e-mail you were supposed to send. The to-do list is always nice to help you keeping track, order your tasks, and hierarchies them. Second of all, a to-do list is just a great way to see the bigger picture and to help you to relax a bit. You do not have to think about 10 tasks at the time. 

Pro tip: Make your to-do list pretty and use colors! Make it fun 😉 

  • Take a break – regularly 

It’s 2 pm and you’ve been working on the same report since 8:30 this morning. Take a break! Take a coffee, have a small talk with Karen, and breathe, maybe go out a second? It’s always nice to be focused on a task but take also some breaks to come back with a fresh mindset! Maybe with a new point of view 🙂  

  • Change your space

I don’t know for you, but personally, I’m working from home and it can be a challenge to stay focused. I decided to create my own working space and to constantly improve it with a nice water bottle, new pencils, a comfortable chair… It’s important to make your work nice and clean to be motivated! So dust your desk and put some nice accessories, make it your own kingdom and conquer the world! 

  • Create goals

Like a to-do list, creating goals will help you to see the bigger pictures and to create smaller tasks in order to achieve it. Creating goals will help you to give sense to your work and to work to achieve it. 

  • Reward yourself when you accomplish those goals.

Did you achieve your monthly target? It’s time for a nice weekend with your friends! Or a nice restaurant? Maybe some shopping? You decide! You can be proud of yourself and you can reward yourself the way you want! Good Job! 


It’s the end of the week, you’ve done a good job anyway and new opportunities will arrive on Monday so relax and enjoy your weekend! 


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