How to perform a successful Skype interview?

The current blog post is for all the people who have interest in knowing how a Skype interview works, to all the ones who have been in the real struggle of not knowing how to behave in key situations. Also, to the ones being curious about how to perform their future video call interview in a successful way.

There are so many points to take into account here. I’ve been focusing on the 7 most important ones, from my perspective as an international recruiter.


  • Practice before the interview. For an interviewer, it is important that you show interest and know the essentials of the job, department, and that you even have some financial knowledge of the overall firm.
    A good option if you get easily nervous during the interview, is to practice generic job/company questions with a friend or a family member.


  •  Dress well and put your hair away from the face. It is really important that interviewers see your face and have a good impression of your dress code (at least from head to waist!) And don’t forget to smile.


  • Make sure all your electronic devices and phone are in a silent mode. It can be annoying and non-serious for a recruiter to hear notification sounds. They can even think that you don’t have interest for the job anymore.


  • Use a notebook to write down the main takeaways and useful information. Just try to write specific keywords and important information that you won’t remember afterwards.


  • Pay attention to your body language. Be sure that you have a good posture in the chair and relax your shoulders. Don’t be completely closed up, without moving. Use your arms and hands (in a natural way) while you are talking.
    Having a glass of water near you can be a good option to calm you down during stressful moments.


  • Make sure the interviewer is engaged and has interest in you. Stop every once in a while, to see if the interviewer is interested in your story or wants to go into a different direction. Don’t interrupt the interviewer in the middle of explanations or questions, make sure your answer starts when he/she is done talking.


  • Be thankful for the time and follow up afterwards! If you think there was something missing from your side, you have further questions about the position, or you just want to show that are really interested in the job, a good idea is to write a follow-up email, even attaching some references and a recommendation letter (after one or two days from the Skype interview).


Alícia López - Inbound Marketing & International Recruiter
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