How to nail your job interview

Hurray! You have been invited to the first interview for your dream job! But how do you make a positive and lasting impression? Here are some tips!

Tip. A good first impression is key
It sounds like a cliché thing to say, but you only have one chance to make a good impression. Give a firm handshake, smile, stand up straight and speak up. It is ok if you are a little nervous for your interview. It doesn’t happen every day that you are being questioned about yourself and your previous work experience. If you are nervous, this shows the interviewers that you are human and that you really want to get the job, so do not worry about this. Small talk can help you break the ice and to calm down your nerves.

Tip. Prepare the most asked interview questions
Of course you have prepared the questions from our blogpost here!

If you get an unexpected question, take your time to think your answers through. Research has shown that people that take about 3 seconds to answer a question are perceived as smarter, so do not worry if you take a little longer to respond. Interviewers prefer a well thought through answer that took a bit longer than an answer that was made up on the spot, but avoiding the question. If you do not know an answer, be honest and say that you have never looked at the problem in that specific way, or rephrase the question. The interviewer will formulate the question in another way, which can provide you with new leads and extra time to come up with an answer.

Tip: Sell yourself

Usually the interviewers start with an open question, where they want you to tell something about yourself. Keep it brief and professional, but also show your personality in your answer. You can start with summarizing your work experience, but this is also a good question to tell the interviewers more about what you like to do in your spare time too. If you have an interesting hobby, name it here! This will make the interviewers remember you better.

When you are not speaking, make sure you are an active listener. People love to hear themselves talk, but when they do, make sure you watch your body language. Have open body language, sit upright or lean into the conversation a little bit, or nod. This provides non-verbal feedback that shows you are actively listening and interested in the position.

Tip. Ask questions.
An interview is meant to see if there is a match between you and the company that you are interviewing for. The way to find out if you fit in, is to ask questions to understand the company culture and the position, and to manage expectations. Good questions to find out more about the position can be about the onboarding process, what the short-term goals are for you or how your daily tasks will be structured, but also if there is room for personal development within the company.

Tip. always bring a copy of your cv. Bringing your cv to an interview makes you look prepared, giving the interviewers the impression that you can tackle the challenges in this position too. This could be the minor detail to set you apart from the other candidates.

Of course, we at Multilingual Jobs Worldwide would love to help you in the preparation before your interview. Our recruiters are here to answer all of the questions that you may have and make you land that job!


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