How to create the perfect CV ?

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As recruiters, we are going through hundreds of CVs per day, impressive right? The CV is like your ID card, it shows everything we need to know about you. If the CV is not clear, not aesthetically pleasing, with lacking or with wrong information you can lose an opportunity to get hired.

As recruiters, we would like to give you some tips to create the (almost) perfect CV. We want to insist on the fact that a CV must be updated every time you have a new experience.

  • Tip 1: Make sure that your contact details appear on your CV. 

In order for you to be contacted the following information must appear clearly on your CV:

  1. Name, surname
  2. Age
  3. The phone number and it’s dialing code
  4. Valid e-mail address
  5. Current location
  6. Skype ID or WhatsApp number 
  • Tip 2: Make sure that all your working experience appear 

The CV is supposed to help us, recruiter, to make sure that your profile is relevant.

  1. Put the title
  2. Put the duration of the role and if it was a long or short term contract
  3. Put the location
  4. Explain the main tasks you’ve done for each role

We would also ask you to only put relevant skills that fit the job opening. While looking for a job always look at the main requirements and make sure that your profile matches them before sending your application over. If we ask you to have 3 years of working experience in marketing, for example, if you have only 1 year of experience or one internship you will not be a relevant candidate, instead, apply for more junior roles and you will have more chances to reach the interview stage! 🙂

  • Tip 3: Pick the best CV format

We need you to send us a PDF document, not too heavy in order to be processed by our database. Please, always double-check and open your document before sending it to us. Check the spelling mistakes, send the most updated CV, check that the Cv looks nice and that the information hasn’t moved while changing the format. It would also be clever to check that you can open the document on different PCs.

  • Tip 4: Build your CV education section correctly

If you’ve got any post-secondary education, include only it on your CV. Don’t mention your high school, unless it’s your highest degree of education. List:

  • Graduation year
  • Your degree
  • Institution name
  • Tip 5: Organize this all on a professional CV template

You can do great Cvs through words but you can also use a free online website to create a more personalized CV. We personally recommend you CANVA: They offer modern, design, and simple templates to make the perfect resume. Pick one, personalize it with your own info and reach the job of your dream!

Conclusion: Your CV is the key to get your job and it worth putting some effort into it! As recruiters, we are seeing many Cvs every day and a nice, clean, colorful CV could really help us to understand your profile and call you back! It’s as simple as that. We cannot wait to see your updated CVs 😉 

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