How to be organized and zen in September ?

Good Afternoon Multies, 

After months of stay-at-home, it can be difficult to start again. September is the month of new beginnings for everybody, employed or not. We decided that it could be helpful to get some tips from a recruitment agency for you guys to be organized for this new month. 

  • Clear your space 

It’s time to clean and to get ready for the colder days. Put the summer clothes away, dust your working space, put new decorations to feel comfortable, declutter… Nice and clean working space will always make you feel better. Indeed, since COVID 19, lots of companies are asking employees to work from home. It’s thus crucial for you to feel good and focus at home. 

For people searching for a job, it’s also crucial to have a space to make your research. Clean a table or a desk, take your computer, as well as a notebook or an excel sheet to keep track of your application. The first step could be for you to make the list of your requirements (part-time or full-time, long or short term contract, abroad or not, night or day shifts, the missions you would like, etc.). Then you can start to make online research and create a file with the link to the offers you applied too. Then, if we call you you will know about which job! It looks way more professional. 

Special tips for people working at home: put clothes on! And not a pajama! We see you! It’s important to be in a good mindset and a focus one when working at home. Simple things as getting ready can help you with your mood and motivate you! 

  • Tools

It’s time for a new agenda, a PC clean-up, or maybe a fancy new-phone? A new beginning asks for great tools. You cannot work well or search for a new job if your PC is slow and your phone short of battery. Get organized and make sure you have everything you need like an agenda, a camera for meetings or interviews, a great pair of headphones, a telephone with a long-lasting battery, pens, notebook, etc. 

  • Manage your time well

Working from home or searching for a new opportunity can be difficult mentally. You have some dirty dishes in the sink, maybe pets or children around and it’s easy to get carried away. We advise you to separate your day in different tasks as well as to create a list a the beginning of each day. By making a list of the things you need to achieve at the start of your day will enable you to: 

  1. Stay focus – you have a time limit and know how long it will take – you can use calendars and planners to do so. 
  2. Be efficient 
  3. Be motivated – yes you will be able to check the list 


  • Break time! 

It’s important to keep time for your self and to be kind to yourself during those difficult times. Taking time for tea/coffee, a phone call with colleagues or family can help you to give a break to your brain and be more focused after. 

  • Go outside

September is always a busy month and everybody has a lot of things to do. For this new beginning why not thinking about a new activity? Sport? Painting? Everything you want! It’s important to give yourself some time outside of work. 

We hope that those tips will be helpful! 

We will come back to your shortly with more 😉 


Have a lovely weekend multies! 

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