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Last Sunday we flew to Greece together with the Oslo team, to meet some clients and discover a little bit the beautiful city of Athens and its culture!

MJW & NJW – Business Trip to Athens, Greece.

We like to work near our clients, be in constant communication with the recruiters, and to deliver feedback from both parties every week.
The client meetings were intense, we got to know a lot of the people we are working with, and put them a face instead of an email address. We gathered a lot of information and solved some communication issues. Really worth it!

The most important thing when recruiters try to “sell a city” to candidates, is to have knowledge about the place:  the culture, people, food, workplace, weather, transport, cost of living, etc.

After these 3 days in Athens, we all realised that this city is full of freedom and respect, the food is super tasty, coffees are great, people are nice and happy to meet foreigners, prices are cheap (compared to Spain), there is a wide range of nightlife and during the day you can decide between: shopping, walking near the beach shore, sunbathing, water activities or even grabbing a boat to discover all the beautiful Greek islands.

One of the facts that makes Athens one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean coast, is that it has plenty of culture and history.

You can observe the Akropolis from many sides of the city.

MJW & NJW – Business Trip to Athens, Greece.

Akropolis is a combination of two words: akron which means extremity, and polis which means city. It is literally the edge of the city and it was built on a hill. It was fortified enclosure used as a central location for Athens with temples and public buildings and as the last line of defense, when the city was attacked.

As you can see, we also managed to get to the top of the Akropolis and did some sightseeing.


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If you are interested in finding a job in this sunny country, please check out our open positions below and feel free to contact our recruiters (http://www.multilingualjobsworldwide.com/open-positions/).


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